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The difficulties are compounded when we introduce the purportedly helpful distinction between actual and constructive possession--two concepts that courts have not consistently applied.
In a pair of cases, one very recent (7) and one now over a decade old, (8) Judge David Mannheimer of the Alaska Court of Appeals has suggested that Alaska's instructions regarding possession need to be rethought, particularly when it comes to the distinction between "actual" and "constructive" possession.
Courts have split since that ruling, but Urbanski noted "significant numbers" of Virginia trial courts have recognized constructive discharge under Bowman.
Despite his willingness to apply Bowman to a constructive discharge claim, Urbanski ultimately agreed with the defendants that the Bowman claims were futile and refused to allow filing of the proposed amended complaint.
China is willing to play a constructive role in this aspect," Lu added.
This agreement is fully in line with our ongoing program to strengthen and maintain a constructive dialogue with all our shareholders.
However, he said, one sided goodwill and constructive approach were not enough for a solution, urging the Greek Cypriots to respond to the steps taken in this direction.
The following are examples of potential constructive dividends:
"Now, after nearly a year has passed since the cooling of relations, there is a tendency that cooperation with Turkey on the Syrian track will be constructive," said Maria Zakharova, Ria Novosti reported.
However, as the period of minority government unfolded between 2004 and 2011, several controversial uses of the confidence convention gave rise to reform proposals, including replacing Canada's tradition of "negative" non-confidence votes with more "constructive" votes.
Contrairement a un vote negatif, qui vise a retirer la confiance au gouvernement et qui a normalement pour effet de declencher des elections, un vote de defiance constructive a pour effet non seulement de demanteler le gouvernement au pouvoir, mais aussi de designer un parlementaire a la tete du nouveau gouvernement jusqu'a ce que des elections soient lancees.

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