constructive criticism

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No, the word 'shaming' in 'body shaming' takes away any consideration of constructive criticism.
As a constructive criticism, I would suggest that the author use italics for internal thoughts instead of quote marks or no marks at all.
It is one thing to have constructive criticism written but it is another thing to be downright rude and personal.
They seek out and encourage this constructive criticism and use it to make appropriate adjustments to their plans of action.
Let One Hundred Flowers Bloom, 2005, exhibited at MACRO, refers to an ancient poem quoted by Mao Zedong in the '50s, when he launched a campaign to encourage intellectuals to contribute constructive criticism to the revolution.
I was taking lessons from this guy downtown--/He was always trying to give me constructive criticism.
Effective interventions, including constructive criticism, do not use embarrassment or shame-based techniques to deter people from engaging in risky activities.
Help students out Too many online courses assume wrongly that students know how to participate in a discussion, ask good questions, manage their time or offer constructive criticism to their peers.
Constructive criticism is not easy, but in today's environment it's necessary.
This one has the usual smart-ass content, a feature on a DIY skate company (Null) and their road trip, along with an interview of one of their riders, the constructive criticism section (which looks at Bail magazine, the proto-Christian skate book "Manifesto," and the book "Monster: The Autobiography of an LA Gang Member"), a feature on a ditch, and a great fake ad.
Recognize valuable constructive criticism, publicly if possible, privately at any time, preferably in writing.

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