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Hayek points out that Mill was close to the enlightened rationalist school of thought that tended to reject established practice (the consuetudinary) not based on reason and that had already at that time turned the presumption favoring liberty to one opposing it (1998, 92-93).
The manuscript also contains a glossed copy of AElfric's Colloquy and Latin versions of the Regula Sancti Benedicti as well as some of its adaptations in the Carolingian and Anglo-Saxon worlds: the Memoriale Qualiter, the Collectic Capitularis and, especially, the late-tenth century native consuetudinary, the Regularis Concordia, with an Old English gloss.
Crowding, peer pressure, socioeconomic and health status, stereotypes and stereotype threat, micro aggressions, invasion of personal space, school quality, gang violence, societal expectations and views of one's reference group, status characteristics of self and others, consuetudinary oppression and injustice, availability and quality of services, institutional and individual racism, pressure for skin bleaching and lightening, halo effects, attractiveness prejudice, pigmentation bias, failed parenting, child parenting, other Manichean and non-Manichean social and physical properties of environments, cultural mistrust, ad infinitum are examples.
It also overlooks the psychopathic trait of rejecting legal, constituted authority with the ramification of consuetudinary legal machination to the detriment of ADP.