consult again

See: reconsider
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We are also now in discussion with potential operators for the rest of the Trinity Central site - which includes the historic infirmary building - and hope to be in a position to consult again with the local community in early 2016 on the future phases of our plan to regenerate the wider site.
You will no doubt have been troubled when you heard of the Cabinet's proposal to consult again after two years.
He asked for 15 days to consult again with his officials in Juba despite earlier previous consultations granted to him on the same proposal.
The amount of items we assumed none of us would ever read or consult again was amazing.
2013 on grounds of public interest within the meaning of Article 59 of the Public Procurement Code Provins consult again for the operation of thermal plants (district heating, hot water sanitary and controlled mechanical ventilation) of its municipal buildings (77160).
NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said NATO would continue to closely follow events on the 565-mile Turkey-Syria border, and if necessary consult again 'to discuss what else could be done.
We will take account of any comments then consult again on more detailed plans.
A NEW group has urged Gwynedd council to consult again on plans to close a school with just 21 pupils.
He also criticised the response period of two weeks, although Mr Ellis Owen said he would consult again before arriving at a final model to be put to the S4C Authority.
Readers will find this a helpful reference to consult again and again over time.
Trade and Industry Secretary Alistair Darling was given permission to appeal, although he said later that "it might be better just to consult again on the nuclear issue".