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ISO 20700, Guidelines for management consultancy services, draws on research and experience from a wide range of management consultancies worldwide and aims to increase transparency and effectiveness for both client and consultancy.
Ayesh said that the key to effectively servicing this region is to understand its uniqueness and peculiarities, which makes it difficult for international consultancies to import ready-made strategies and implement them in this market.
The conference will throw light on the relationship between multinational agencies versus local agencies, private versus government sector expenditure on consultancy, GCC versus Levant as well as seconding consultants versus full timer employees' formula and fees of consultancies at the time of budget cut off.
Overwhelmingly, consultancies were seen as additions to - but not replacements for - existing management resources.
Along with our previous survey, which indicated that all but a few of the top UK organizations use MCA members, this survey demonstrates the major role our leading management consultancies play in assisting UK companies to achieve world class.
The upcoming standard ISO 20700, Guidelines for management consultancy services, aims to help consultancies and their clients improve transparency and understanding in their consultancy projects in order to achieve better business results.
By having an office in the Midlands we can continue to provide a personal, face-to-face consultancy service, which our clients say is one of the distinguishing factors between Moliere and other consultancies.
There are already a handful of public relations consultancies with operations in China, as well as moves to form a local public relations association there.
However, most consultancies were not making the effort to satisfy this request.