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Anesthesiologists from the US contribute 47 chapters on the history of the field, its scope of practice, learning approaches, and medical informatics; pharmacology and physiology; preoperative preparation and intraoperative management; special considerations for various diseases, obstetrics, pediatrics, elderly patients, transplantation, outpatient anesthesia, and procedures outside the operating room; recovery; and consultant practice, including critical care medicine, trauma, bioterrorism, natural disasters, and chronic pain.
Clinical exercises for each discipline are included to help students prepare in more depth for lactation consultant practice.
Program or project management (34 percent) topped the chosen consultant practice areas, with professionals in these functions helping companies address problems and apply innovative solutions.
Author and international speaker Tate, who also operates a consultant practice on lightweight development in Ruby, offers a guide to learning seven languages that will enable readers to understand and use the most important programming models in current use.
The areas covered are principles of anesthesia practice, pharmacology, preparing for anesthesia, managing anesthesia, and post-anesthesia and consultant practice.

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