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Although the consultants were initially skeptical about using the Handbook, it has become an integral part of tutoring at the Writing Center.
CPAs should be wary of consultants who say their search services are free.
Why hire a real estate consultant in a distressed property situation, and not just a local commercial realtor?
The coordinator selected various types of professionals to serve as clinical camp consultants - a term selected to capture the range of professionals providing services and to sound less threatening than, for instance, camp psychologist.
In Ventura County, we try to keep the consultants as hands-off as possible,'' said Dennis Hawkins, senior planner for Ventura County.
This Peters Principle effect of Democratic operatives rising--or muscling their way--up to the level of their incompetence, happens for a simple reason: The consultants are filling a vacuum.
Lin, crafting a more that makes sense for consultants who work with IHEs, conducted demographic research to ensure that retail development would fit Technology Square.
Based in Los Angles, California, InvestTech has offices and consultants in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York, Houston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Toronto, London and Australia.
Product recommendations area consultants have most relied upon, have increased their complexity in recent years, too, with more regulatory controls, a growing array of integrated management solutions and new products.
Whatever you do as you consider a training consultant, you'll make a better investment and get better results when you know the difference between a seasoned tomcat and Grandma's Kitty who sleeps every night at the foot of the bed.
Self-funded health-plan consultants view their jobs in two parts--assessing the overall plan to ensure it's running efficiently and helping employers persuade their workers to take more responsibility for controlling a plan's use and costs.

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