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CONSULTATION, practice. A conference between the counsel or attorneys engaged on the same side of a cause, for the purpose of examining their case, arranging their proofs, and removing any difficulties there may be in their way.
     2. This should be had sufficiently early to enable the counsel to obtain an amendment of the pleadings, or further evidence. At these consultations the exact course to be taken by the plaintiff in exhibiting his proofs should be adopted, in consultation, by the plaintiff's counsel. In a consultation on a defendant's case, it is important to ascertain the statement of the defence, and the evidence which may be depended upon to support it; to arrange the exact course of defence, and to determine on the cross-examination of the plaintiff's witnesses; and, above all, whether or not evidence shall be given on the part of the defendant, or withheld, so as to avoid a reply on the part of the plaintiff. The wishes of the client should, in all cases, be consulted. 3 Chit. Pr. 864.

CONSULTATION, Eng. law. The name of a writ whereby a cause, being formerly removed by prohibition out of an inferior court into some of the king's courts in Westminster, is returned thither again for if the judges of the superior court, comparing the proceedings with the suggestion of the party, find the suggestion false or not proved, and that therefore the cause was wrongfully called from the inferior court, then, upon consultation and deliberation, they decree it to be returned, where upon this writ issues. T. de la Ley.

CONSULTATION, French law. The opinion of counsel, on a point of law submitted to them. Dict. de Jur. h.t.

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Au CHUM, la gerontopsychiatrie s'est d'abord developpee a l'interieur de la consultation-liaison.
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In view of the extremely few referrals from social welfare workers and institutions, and the fact that there were none at all from teachers, school counsellors, schools or corrective institutions/ remand homes, the new unit has planned a series of outreach programmes to educate and encourage them to identify and refer cases, and similarly establish a consultation-liaison relationship.
Evaluating the role of a psychiatric consultation-liaison nurse in the Australian general hospital.
When we say children don't get delirium, it is because it is very rarely diagnosed by pediatricians, and most consultation-liaison psychiatrists don't bump into it," Dr.
1996) found that as a result of psychiatric consultation-liaison with 58 patients on CO, 14 of those patients had CO discontinued allowing for cost savings for the remainder of their hospital days.
Cost-Offset from a Psychiatric Consultation-Liaison Intervention with Elderly Hip Fracture Patients.
Kissane is an academic consultation-liaison psychiatrist, psycho-oncologist and psychotherapy researcher in cancer and palliative care.
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The sections include theories of personality and development, cognitive disorders and consultation-liaison psychiatry, substance-related disorders, and law and ethics in psychiatry.

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