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According to the newly issued law, articles 12, 18 and 26 shall be amended to read: It shall not be permissible to simultaneously enjoy membership of the Consultative Council and either the Federal National Council (FNC), the Sharjah Executive Council (SEC) or the emirate's Municipal Council.
The other view, which is gaining ascendancy, is the fear that clergy and lay people in the ACC would look to the primate to given them a lead as to how to decide to vote on any particular issue and that that would therefore destroy the importance of the ACC as a really consultative body, where the voices of those other than bishops are valued, followed and listened to.
An airport spokesman said: "Chairing a consultative process is something done on a voluntary basis.
the Single Market Action Plan and the Scoreboards from the Commission and from the EFTA Surveillance Authority (furthermore, the EEA Consultative Committee has been informed regularly about the activities of the EFTA Surveillance Authority);
Government clearly strives for such a balance in the Consultative Document.
During the meeting, which was presided over by Saudi Foreign Minister and head of the current rotating GCC ministerial session Saud Al-Faisal, they discussed several key issues on the agenda of the GCC leaders' consultative summit.
Ahmed Butti, the executive chairman of PCFC, Dubai Customs Director General and President of the Consultative Council said Dubai Customs is to make further decisions which support the business community in the upcoming period that contribute to attracting more investment into Dubai.
The Consultative Authority will approve minutes of its first meeting of the current session besides considering the approval of the Consultative Authority's views after finalising the topics tasked to the two committees to be submitted to the summit for the Supreme Council's approval.
One can only hope that the Anglican Consultative Council will see fit to follow his teaching and reaffirm that the Anglican Church of Canada is part of the whole united family of all Anglicans instead of writing us off as an erring child.
There are five resident representative vacancies on the Central Neighbourhood Consultative Forum, with people particularly wanted from Elwick, Foggy Furze or Grange wards.
As the new operators of Coventry Airport, Tui's airport management team is keen to reinstate a consultative process to "facilitate communication" between the airport, local residents, business and community organisations and local and regional stakeholders.
Under the terms of the agreement, GASP will utilize MPV's consultative services and Web-based Phynance technology to monitor reimbursement and identify payment variances for nearly 100 anesthesiologists.

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