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In September 2002, social scientists attended an international conference in Cali, Columbia organized by the Consultive Group on International Agriculture Research.
If the insurer offers risk management consultive services, adjusters should procure assistance on behalf of insureds.
We've even had problems with youngsters playing football in the streets as late as midnight or1am,' added Mrs Gasson, who chairs the Ely Police Consultive Committee.
Application software, both custom & packaged, including Web-based applications for schools; consultive network support
E un dato di fatto, d'altra parte, che--come scrive il curatore nell'"Avvertenza"--, "il corpus integrale dei verbali di tali assemblee consultive permette ora di rivivere quasi quotidianamente la percezione che ebbero i cittadini fiorentini della realta politica durante il triennio particolarmente critico che segui la cacciata di Piero de' Medici" (X).
The consultive selling approach is based on the quality of the salesperson's idea, expertise or competence, and/or personal relationships.
A model to assess the behavioral impacts of consultive knowledge based system.
UNICRI in Turin, Italy, which was established within the framework of an ECOSOC (represents the organizations that operate in a consultive relationship with the United Nations) resolution, carries out a wide range of activities.
Because of the unsurpassed quality, consultive account management, competitive commissions and complete solutions, AT&T is able to offer a full range of services tailored for the correctional market.
Use of a structured functional assessment format in a geriatric consultive service.
In this prequel to "Silence" and "Hannibal," Lecter plays more of a consultive role, aiding (for his own reasons) the FBI agent who captured him and is now in pursuit of Francis Dolarhyde, mordantly nicknamed "The Tooth Fairy.