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David Stefansson, Confederation of Icelanic Employers, Vice-Chairman of the EFTA Consultive Committee
has signed an agreement with Mariner Post-Acute Network to provide consultive services related to the establishment and operation of their sub-acute units in Denver.
It is essential therefore that the local authority should take full control of the situation so that any proposals can be subject to the full scrutiny and consultive procedures applying under the planning system,' he said.
It is a difficult assignment, because we are starting from scratch," Annan told a standing-room only crowd of World Bank employees, shortly after the Indonesian People's Consultive Assembly approved independence for the break-away province.
As such, it will require efforts of many international organizations, NGOs, scientific consultive groups, research and training institutions, and the social work profession to wage a more effective battle.
Factor Mendez, chairman of the consultive committee of the Sistema de Integracion Centroamericana (SICA), told Inter Press Service that none of the 772 integration agreements signed by the presidents under the Central American Alliance for Sustainable Development has been fully implemented.
The IT professionals at Inacom possess the top-level skills and experience available in this industry- whether it's in consultive sales, networking integration and support, maintenance services or end-user training.
Legislators trying to downgrade OSHA from a regulatory enforcement agency into a consultive body invoke a litany of inane or burdensome regulations that OSHA imposes on employers.
As the beverage environment changes, the sales process must move beyond order-taking into consultive selling.
Such consultive selling efforts also require more time and preparation because you have to ask all those intelligent questions and properly interpret the answers.
Since 1954, FIABCI has enjoyed consultive status as a non-governmental organization with the Committee of Housing, Building and Planing of the Economic Commission for Europe under the United Nations Economic and Social Council It has been a permanent representative with that body in Geneva and New York.
Van Brussel says the company emphasizes a consultive approach to equipment sales.