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Based on the type of welding consumables, the global market is anticipating a stellar growth by the stick electrodes consumables.
Problem: Lots of units we survey have problems tracking consumables.
Patients waiting for their prescriptions to be filled are very likely to purchase one or more consumable items due to the impulse factor associated with the category.
Consumables account for over a third of the nearly $20 billion analytical and life science instrument market.
This Frost & Sullivan research service titled Strategic Analysis of the Welding Equipment and Consumables Market in the Global Pipeline Industry provides a comprehensive analysis of the welding industry to map growth opportunities in the oil and gas pipelines industry.
And with front-end sales in so many other categories continuing to decline, retailers are finding that consumables can help bring some profitability to the front of the store.
Antares Advanced Test Technologies is reducing the cost of semiconductor test, with concentration on high-sensitivity areas like yield and integration of test disciplines, by focusing on customer support, delivering innovative technologies and offering a single point of contact for semiconductor test cell requirements including burn-in, ATE consumables and thermal management solutions.
DMM of Non-food Consumables Zimmerman was the national category manager for 7-Eleven for the health and beauty care and non-foods categories.
SkyeTek's consumable authentication solution provides manufacturers with the components needed to easily integrate SkyeTek's reader technology into their existing consumable-dependent products.
and MIG welding gun innovator Bernard(R) today jointly announced that Miller will integrate Bernard Q(TM)-Guns with Centerfire(TM) welding consumables on most of Miller's industrial wire feeder products and bundled MIG welding systems.
We believe that we are the first test supplier to be positioned to deliver an integrated ATE consumables offering and provide its customers with a single point of contact for its semiconductor test requirements," said Matt Bergeron, CEO of UMD Technology, Inc.
Electronic auction: kits of consumables for maintenance of energy-intensive equipment, forage harvesters and combine harvesters