consumer demand

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Growers are challenged to understand this consumer mindset and adapt their practices in order to keep up with consumer demand and remain profitable.
Here she wades into the middle of the chicken-and-egg debate of consumer culture (which came first, consumer demand or marketers eager to push products and create demand where none existed before?
Finance director Robert Forrester said: "Our business is based on consumer demand and if I had a worry at the start of the day, it would be whether increased public sector spending would impact on public sector borrowing, which leads to a squeezing of consumer demand.
One of the ways to deal with the large variety of factors that can affect consumer demand is to use scenario analysis.
Customer service is enhanced, and its production is tied to consumer demand.
The Governor of the Bank of England last night warned that interest rates might have to be raised to moderate consumer demand.
Several forward-thinking states are stimulating consumer demand for alternative energy by offering cash back on photovoltaics, small wind turbines, fuel cells and solar thermal systems installed in homes.
Prices simultaneously reflect the value of the product to consumers and provide a signal to suppliers whether to change the amount of product they should produce relative to changes in consumer demand.
But the sound quality of computers has lagged behind, causing great consumer demand for high-performance multimedia speakers.
More recently, however, big boxes have launched scaled-back versions of their stores in response to consumer demand for a more personalized shopping experience.
UK interest rates should be cut further to tackle a combination of a weakening global economy and a slowdown in UK consumer demand, a member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee said.

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