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To carry into completion; to fulfill; to accomplish.

A Common-Law Marriage is consummated when the parties live in a manner intended to bring about public recognition of their relationship as Husband and Wife.

To consummate an agreement is to carry it out completely, as in a consummated sale. It is to bring to completion whatever was either intended or undertaken to be done.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

CONSUMMATE. What is completed. A right is said to be initiate, when it is not complete; and when it is perfected, it is consummated.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The Barbican exhibition showcases the heterogeneous output of this prolific couple, emphasizing that the Eameses were not just designers but also makers and tinkerers of extraordinary range, consummately engaged with visuality, interface, and interaction.
'Lay down and groove on the mat.' .' He did the attitude consummately. Alvin Stardust RIP".
Both moving and terrifying, this is a consummately well-executed thriller that readers will race through.
Intense and consummately professional, Du Zieu's reworking of "Othello" interrogates how members of racially distinct immigrant communities are perceived by their hosts, demonstrating yet again that -- notwithstanding the period they were composed -- Shakespeare's works remain relevant today.
The Netherlands forward cut in from the right and pulled the ball back for Toni Kroos, who finished consummately. Thomas Muller's second-half penalty aACAo Robben the man brought down inside the area aACAo looked to be the end of matters, but Simon Zoller soon pulled one back for the visitors.
As Wills suggests, Thomas, a consummately professional soldier whom West Point classmates respectfully nicknamed "Washington," chose to remain true to his oath to the nation and the Constitution against the forces of disunion.
Johnson." Though on one level consummately successful in the literary world (a tenured teaching position at University of Virginia, Poet Laureate of that state, friend and mentor to writers such as James Dickey, R.
It's not hard when you live in the consummately secular New York City to realize it's an article of faith that opposing more gun control is sinful.
Towering dominantly above Lake Zurich, The Dolder Grand consummately combines traditional and modern design in understated classic elegance.
Nixon outlines a Democrat's path to electoral success in a red Missouri: minimize the party label, stress you are more Missourian than your opponent, avoid pitched partisan battles, be consummately centrist and emphasize pragmatism over ideology.
Peugeot's trend-setting 3008 plays the crossover card to the full by consummately combining previously incompatible characteristics and it links the raised driving position and visibility typical of an SUV to the space and convenience of an MPV.