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To carry into completion; to fulfill; to accomplish.

A Common-Law Marriage is consummated when the parties live in a manner intended to bring about public recognition of their relationship as Husband and Wife.

To consummate an agreement is to carry it out completely, as in a consummated sale. It is to bring to completion whatever was either intended or undertaken to be done.


verb accomplish, achieve, actualize, attain, attain the goal, bring to a close, bring to effect, carry into effect, carry out, carry through, carry to completion, complete, conclude, conficere, do thoroughly, effect, effectuate, end, execute, finalize, finish, follow through, fulfill, implement, leave nothing to be desired, perficere, prosecute to a conclusion, reach the goal, render complete, terminate, to bring to completion
Associated concepts: consummate dower, consummation of a marriage, consummation of an agreement, constructive service
Foreign phrases: Omne testamentum morte consummatum est.Every will is consummated by death.
See also: abandon, absolute, accomplish, adhere to, arrant, attain, cease, close, commit, complete, comprehensive, conclude, culminate, definite, definitive, discharge, discontinue, dispatch, finish, fulfill, ideal, implement, mature, outright, perfect, perform, perpetrate, realize, ripe, sterling, superlative, terminate, thorough, transact, unlimited, unqualified

CONSUMMATE. What is completed. A right is said to be initiate, when it is not complete; and when it is perfected, it is consummated.

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Meer, 2009, Martin Soto Clirnent weds a broomstick to a tangled blond wig, a consummately Surrealist coupling that swaps function for frisson.
Nixon outlines a Democrat's path to electoral success in a red Missouri: minimize the party label, stress you are more Missourian than your opponent, avoid pitched partisan battles, be consummately centrist and emphasize pragmatism over ideology.
Peugeot's trend-setting 3008 plays the crossover card to the full by consummately combining previously incompatible characteristics and it links the raised driving position and visibility typical of an SUV to the space and convenience of an MPV.
In the hands of a lesser poet, these poems could easily end in simple barbarianism--in exploitation or agenda-driven drivel--but Mateer is consummately graceful, that rare foreigner capable of a multilateral empathy, a barbarian in, as Brian Castro writes in his introduction, the word's etymological sense: "one whose language denotes a different mode of speech.
Aside from the superlative performance values, this was a consummately satisfying Traviata largely because it was so consistently responsive to its original creators' intentions.
Consummately researched and written Wilkinson flexes her historical muscles to create a welcome addition to historical war faction and in particular this little known tale of the Battle of Fromelles during World War One that claimed 5000 young Australian lives, more than the Boer, Korean and Vietnam wars combined, through death, injury or capture over one momentous day in July 1916.
Fermented as an ale but conditioned as a lager, which is to say first warm then cool, Full Circle combines the up-front body of a light blonde ale with the back-end crispness of a Bavarian-style lager, resulting in a beer that is both food friendly and consummately thirst quenching.
This week, the consummately stylish Portas descended on Fosters, a shabby-looking family greengrocer in Hoylake, an otherwise upmarket part of Merseyside, to help out the three cheery but clueless sisters running the shop .
Iraq was an consummately illegal and stupid foreign adventure as recognised by Tory Kenneth Clarke; Afghanistan a huge and equally costly mission which makes no one any safer.
He was consummately professional and hard working - especially given the tools he had to work with.
Textures and timbres were consummately layered, instrumental solos (not least the flute on what I was told was a substitute instrument) were engaging, and the drama unfolded with relentless timing.
There are no lost moments or accomplishments too small for a person as quickly moved, as emotionally empathic, and as consummately receptive to the positives as I am.