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To carry into completion; to fulfill; to accomplish.

A Common-Law Marriage is consummated when the parties live in a manner intended to bring about public recognition of their relationship as Husband and Wife.

To consummate an agreement is to carry it out completely, as in a consummated sale. It is to bring to completion whatever was either intended or undertaken to be done.


verb accomplish, achieve, actualize, attain, attain the goal, bring to a close, bring to effect, carry into effect, carry out, carry through, carry to completion, complete, conclude, conficere, do thoroughly, effect, effectuate, end, execute, finalize, finish, follow through, fulfill, implement, leave nothing to be desired, perficere, prosecute to a conclusion, reach the goal, render complete, terminate, to bring to completion
Associated concepts: consummate dower, consummation of a marriage, consummation of an agreement, constructive service
Foreign phrases: Omne testamentum morte consummatum est.Every will is consummated by death.
See also: abandon, absolute, accomplish, adhere to, arrant, attain, cease, close, commit, complete, comprehensive, conclude, culminate, definite, definitive, discharge, discontinue, dispatch, finish, fulfill, ideal, implement, mature, outright, perfect, perform, perpetrate, realize, ripe, sterling, superlative, terminate, thorough, transact, unlimited, unqualified

CONSUMMATE. What is completed. A right is said to be initiate, when it is not complete; and when it is perfected, it is consummated.

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This is the case with, for example, Marx's faith in the proletariat as a messianic force, as a consummator of world history, a metaphysical and intrinsically theological belief shared by Lukacs and Benjamin.
For his earlier criticism of the council's majority perspective of Christ the Consummator in favor of the symbol of Christ the Redeemer (also embraced by the council), see George Hunston Williams, The Mind of John Paul I1: Origins of His Thought and Action (New York: Seabury, 1981).
Thus, Christian theology has been woefully inadequate in understanding God's role as consummator, or as a God who promises to bring about the perfection of creation through the perfection of humanity.