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To carry into completion; to fulfill; to accomplish.

A Common-Law Marriage is consummated when the parties live in a manner intended to bring about public recognition of their relationship as Husband and Wife.

To consummate an agreement is to carry it out completely, as in a consummated sale. It is to bring to completion whatever was either intended or undertaken to be done.


verb accomplish, achieve, actualize, attain, attain the goal, bring to a close, bring to effect, carry into effect, carry out, carry through, carry to completion, complete, conclude, conficere, do thoroughly, effect, effectuate, end, execute, finalize, finish, follow through, fulfill, implement, leave nothing to be desired, perficere, prosecute to a conclusion, reach the goal, render complete, terminate, to bring to completion
Associated concepts: consummate dower, consummation of a marriage, consummation of an agreement, constructive service
Foreign phrases: Omne testamentum morte consummatum est.Every will is consummated by death.
See also: abandon, absolute, accomplish, adhere to, arrant, attain, cease, close, commit, complete, comprehensive, conclude, culminate, definite, definitive, discharge, discontinue, dispatch, finish, fulfill, ideal, implement, mature, outright, perfect, perform, perpetrate, realize, ripe, sterling, superlative, terminate, thorough, transact, unlimited, unqualified

CONSUMMATE. What is completed. A right is said to be initiate, when it is not complete; and when it is perfected, it is consummated.

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All events, that is, response, occurrence of the square for the consummatory response, point increment, and point decrement, were accompanied by a brief sound through a speaker located on each desk in Spaces A and B.
This situation has been prevailing from the beginning of the 1990s and the motto children are actually led by is the consummatory system.
This creative process, broadly identified with Eros, was the erotic passion that drove philosophic inquiry; it was the consummatory power that drove artistic inventiveness.
Variety may have a general effect on consummatory behavior.
Ransom's gendered description of "objects" such as women as a "source, from which so many charming experiences have already flowed, and as a promise, a possibility of future experiences beyond all prediction" anticipates Dewey's conception of art as that which continually "renew[s] [its] instrumentality for further consummatory experiences" (Dewey 1958, 365).
However, some researchers are debating whether these compounds can affect alcohol-reinforced behavior without affecting consummatory behavior in general.
Next, the human is structured by the opposition between the consummatory and the instrumental, or ends-in-themselves and means to ends.
In anticipatory contrast, there are repeated (typically one a day) experiences with the shift in magnitude of reinforcement and the measure of contrast involves consummatory behavior that occurs prior to the anticipated change in reinforcement value.
Cherwitz and Zagacki (1986) identify two types of discourse employed by presidents in international crises: consummatory rhetoric, in which the presidential reply itself serves as America's reaction to the crisis, and justificatory rhetoric, where presidential rhetoric is aimed at rationalizing military action in response to the crisis.
The editor represents a consummatory myth-making force as he seeks to separate "fact" from "fiction" in order to produce a product marked by authority and truthfulness even as it tells an interesting story.
We can point to John Dewey, the bete noir of humanism's critics, whose Art As Experience is a milestone in the philosophy of aesthetics, especially in understanding life's inspirational summits, what Dewey called consummatory experience--a concept that foreshadows the peak experience concept of humanist psychologist Abraham Maslow.