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Johnson says the opposite is also true: Even with an overall reduction in students, if a large share are full time, it could produce an increase in contact hours.
Here is the conversion: 1 semester credit = 15 contact hours and 1 quarter hour credit = 12.
1) All licensees must verify on the renewal application the completion of continuing education contact hours during the two-year license renewal period:
FacilityCare magazine announces a new partnership with the American Society for Healthcare Environmental Services (ASHES) that will provide healthcare environmental services professionals with the opportunity to attain continuing education and earn contact hours acceptable for its CHESP certification.
The ISNA Committee on Approval approves continuing education providers to award nursing contact hours to the individual activities they develop and present.
3) nurses who are presenting an offering for the first time can receive contact hours themselves
The contract is let as a block contract for 800 contact hours (with and without venues), with additional spot rates for contact hours above this block.
June 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --University of California, Irvine Extension today announced a new set of summer courses for nurses (minimum RN requirement) with varying levels of degrees and experiences seeking to gain specialized knowledge or earn continuing education contact hours.
Nurses will be able to use nursing contact hours they receive from these Midwest MSD programs toward their state licensure and national certification.
Contact hours will be awarded for all continuing education activities.
You must have registered, signed in, complete and submit an Evaluation form in order to receive CNE contact hours.
Mississippi requires physical therapy professionals to acquire 24 contact hours (CH) or 2.