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In our vignette, objective criteria might include searching for measurable standards regarding required contact isolation items needed in patient rooms, an inventory of the items posted on the door, and acceptable ways of communicating and addressing one another in a civil and professional manner.
All neonates with VRE were placed on contact isolation during their NICU hospitalization.
Table 2 SUGGESTIONS FOR DEALING WITH A NOROVIRUS OUTBREAK * Nurse patients in contact isolation * Group symptomatic patients where possible * Avoid/limit patient movements from ward/infected area where possible * Limit staff movements from area of infection * Infected staff members should be symptom free for 48 hours before returning to work * All staff, visitors, patients should wash their hands when leaving a ward/infected area.
There are clinical situations in the general hospital in which contact isolation is necessary.
Different types of contact isolation are required for different manifestations of the infection -- for example, drainage and secretion isolation for patients with a draining wound.
Current infection control programs call for pathogen surveillance, diligent hand washing and patient contact isolation in order to slow the spread of these bacteria.
At Montefiore, we detected KPC with a rapid molecular lab test, which resulted in immediate initiation of contact isolation for all positive patients.
The patient has remained in contact isolation since admission.