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TRANSMISSION, civ. law. The right which heirs or legatees may have of passing to their successors, the inheritance or legacy to which they were entitled, if they happen to die without having exercised their rights. Domat, liv. 3, t. 1, s. 10; 4 Toull. n. 186; Dig. 50, 17, 54; Code, 6, 51.

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Preventing droplet and contact transmission would require very different control measures.
It is certain that neither masks nor respirators protect against contact transmission and appropriate hand hygiene is necessary when using and after removing them.
Although the reservoir is unknown and several animals have been linked to contact transmission, (15-18) person-to-person transmission is thought to be rare.
Indirect Contact Indirect contact transmission involves contact of a susceptible host with a contaminated intermediate object, usually inanimate, such as contaminated instruments, hands or gloves.
Exposure to the vaccination site can result in contact transmission or inadvertent autoinoculation, which often is self-limited (1,2).