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8x8 Inc (Nasdaq:EGHT), a provider of cloud communications and computing solutions, has completed its acquisition of Contactual Inc, the company announced today.
8x8 Inc (NASDAQ:EGHT), a US cloud communications and computing solutions company, said it had finalised its all-stock takeover of private call centre technology firm Contactual Inc.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 16, 2011-8x8 concludes Contactual acquisition(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
* How the venture capital market works: financing decisions, measuring risk, contactual aspects.
The MPA said the settlement covered his contactual obligations, and contributed towards his legal costs.
Telanetix is to provide business phone service connectivity for Contactual's hosted contact center service bundle and its own corporate use.
Under her maternal guidance and critical observation, Jean Toomer and many other major figures of the period, as well as lesser known artists, convened in her living room for weekly sessions of "contactual inspiration" or informal professional development.
van Loo, Bert Toolsema) defines key skills based on an economically inspired framework and applies the theory to survey results of Dutch vocational education graduates, whose key skills were found to be problem-solving, independence, oral presentation/speaking, accuracy/carefulness, initiative/creativity, and contactual. All three papers have substantial bibliographies.
His data (his visual, felt data I mean), were accurate, experiential and contactual" (244).
"There is a contactual requirement to do three hours in the community, which wasn't being done in many cases."