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8x8 Inc (Nasdaq:EGHT), a provider of cloud communications and computing solutions, has completed its acquisition of Contactual Inc, the company announced today.
Contactual is a global provider of on-demand contact center solutions.
van Loo, Bert Toolsema) defines key skills based on an economically inspired framework and applies the theory to survey results of Dutch vocational education graduates, whose key skills were found to be problem-solving, independence, oral presentation/speaking, accuracy/carefulness, initiative/creativity, and contactual.
There is a contactual requirement to do three hours in the community, which wasn't being done in many cases.
Komatsu Mining Systems provides customers with the complete system: the product, the dispatch and automation capability, the repair and maintenance capability, even to the point of a contactual agreement where we perform maintenance and repairs with our people in the mine.
The government believed that authorities based on this confusion of roles would not be equipped to handle the complex managerial and contactual issues that the new system demands and that if health authorities are to discharge their new responsibilities in a business-like way, they need to be smaller and to bring together executive and non-executive members to provide a single focus for effective decision-making.
As far as the legal system and the field of application is concerned, it must be said that while the contactual liability refers only to the reparation of the contract prejudice, being conditioned by the existence of a viable contract between the author of the prejudice and the damaged party as well as the requirement that the prejudice to result from the lack of performance, improper or late performance of an obligation stipulated in the respective contract, tort liability refers to the compensation of all non-contractual damages while its rules apply, whenever it is necessary to contractual liability.
IP telephony provider 8x8 on September 16 completed its acquisition of Contactual, a developer of virtual call center solutions, in an all-stock transaction.
That's why companies like Interactive Intelligence have been successful, and it's why 8x8's acquisition of Contactual is a smart move.
16 September 2011 - 8x8 Inc (NASDAQ:EGHT), a US cloud communications and computing solutions company, said today it had finalised its all-stock takeover of private call centre technology firm Contactual Inc.