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'Suicide Contagion or 'Copycat Suicide' occurs when one or more suicides are reported in a way that contributes to further suicides,' it added.
The review comes as the apex bank wants to prevent a contagion. In its latest Financial Stability Report, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had warned that any failure among the large shadow banks could cause losses comparable to a major bank collapse.
Teri Terry's Contagion is a riveting, paranormal start to a new science fiction trilogy.
That's because the increased debt is largely driven by advanced-economy sovereign borrowing and domestic-funded Chinese companies, thus mitigating contagion risk."
One of the pleasures of Contagion is how Terry astutely reveals tidbits of explanation through each of the four, separately numbered sections of the book: "The Stray," "The Apple," "The Bite," and "The Fall." Readers discover unexpected relationships among characters and gain insights into the range of effects from the mysterious virus, which may be supernatural or a medical experiment gone wrong.
In the second case, a policy targeted at shutting down the contagion mechanism may contain the spread and manage the risk to the system and the wider economy.
With videos, there is either a short-term contagion or a more sustained contagion.
Contagion is part of the Sunderland Stages programme and was cocommissioned by 14-18 Now, the UK's arts programme commemorating the First World War.
Early trends in September show, as the currency crisis across countries has deepened, it is heading for a contagion, spooking investors in most emerging markets.
The Philippine peso sank to its lowest level in almost 13 years on Thursday, as rising domestic inflation and concerns about contagion from emerging markets fray investor nerves.
The second source of contagion is feared to be through cross border linkages into developed markets.
Summary: Though everyone is susceptible to emotional contagion, it is amplified in empaths and highly sensitive people.