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Contagion is a news resource covering all areas of infectious disease.
Scott takes a different tack in Connectedness and Contagion, arguing that Dodd-Frank actually went too far in trimming back those powers.
In this paper, the theoretical frontier and application innovation of Copula method in measuring the International Contagion Effect of financial risk in recent years are summarized and the future development tendency is anticipated.
Keywords Entropy maximization * Systemic contagion * Consolidated information
Contagion * Contagion is also referred to as imitation or duster suicide * Contagion can be caused by the media or by peer groups * Contagion suicides normally occur within two weeks of the original suicide
Contagion In this house, you'll find the aftermath of a secret biological weapons programme.
Emotion contagion is rarely addressed in leadership context.
In this paper, we test the existence of systematic risk contagion within the Chinese interbank market and the antirisk ability of the Chinese interbank market from the perspective of risk sharing.
The contagion and spread of investor sentiment are currently being extensively discussed.
These guidelines suggest that the media not give a great deal of attention to the phenomenon of suicide, and they begin with the assertion that "suicide contagion is real.
Markets are coping well with uncertainty over Greece's future in the euro zone, with little sign so far of contagion that would undermine wider European Union financial stability, the bloc's banking regulator said on Wednesday.
If the EU is successful in ring-fencing Greece, then contagion to the rest of the Eurozone may be limited.