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There is something contagious in the natural expression of our passions, that insensibly enlists the sympathies of the beholder--and Seymour felt a soft melancholy stealing over him as he gazed, that was but a faint reflection of the tenderness excited in the breast of Charlotte, while she listened to sounds that penetrated to her very soul.
The majesty of Night is so contagious, it awes, it inspires.
Her first experience of the journey afforded her more enjoyment than she had expected, the hilariousness of the others being quite contagious after her monotonous attention to the poultry-farm all the week.
Naturally he wouldn't, under those contagious circumstances.
Should contagious sickness exist in any of the ports named in the program, such ports will be passed, and others of interest substituted.
At this unlucky question, a burst of laughter rose from the clerk's table caught by the audience, so violent, so wild, so contagious, so universal, that the two deaf men were forced to perceive it.
He was an outlandish figure, with his wide-brimmed hat and pointed beard, among those country folk, and it was easy to see that they thought him very queer; but his spirits were so high, his enthusiasm so contagious, that it was impossible not to like him.
Before day broke the swift American anger was running through all the city, through every soul in those contagious millions.
Well, he had escaped love so far, just as he had escaped smallpox; yet there it was, as contagious as smallpox, and a whole lot worse in running its course.
No; Miss Polly would let concealment prey on her damask cheeks and still smile on in the novel fashion, or turn sister of charity and nurse the heartless lover through small-pox, or some other contagious disease, and die seraphically, leaving him to the agonies of remorse and tardy love.
Ideas are contagious in a household; the ninth thermidor, like so many other portentous events, was the result of female influence.
fixed his pitiless eyes on Grace, and echoed the contagious words: