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By insisting on the contagiously humorous quality of the story--so powerful, according to Boccaccio that it transcends time, infecting hypothetical readers of the future with the desire to laugh out loud--Boccaccio has skillfully conditioned the reader's response to this tale; we are led, despite our better judgment, to believe that it is funny.
Increasingly a marvel beyond measure, there was something spellbinding and contagiously irresistible about watching Kauto Star and Ruby Walsh lording it flagrantly from the front with more than a circuit to run, the man on top utterly confident in the might and magic of the horse beneath.
Her contagiously positive attitude, exuding warmth and genuine empathy, makes it impossible to dismiss any message she is disseminating.
The absurdity of the accusation that the insatiability of individual obese Westerners (rather than, say, the logic of accumulation) governs Western methods of meat production is masked by an appeal to "common sense" assumptions that obese adults present a contagiously undisciplined model of body management to young people.
They grew exponentially in New Hampshire, and they're going to grow contagiously here in South Carolina,' he said.
Worrywarts and wet blankets will find no asylum in Ridley's eclectic and contagiously buoyant text.
Such netting avoids default spreading contagiously through the financial system.
Detour Art features a wide variety of selected artists who work outside the mainstream and whose art contagiously evoke joy, wonder and inspiration.
This move from the drama of hypersexual anxiety to the memory of stubborn breathing contagiously reproducing the conditions for Eggers's own breathing-along, tells a story of traumatized subjectivity that, rather than working-through the past to the future, emerges through trauma's reworking of the present.
Presiding over it all, the contagiously exuberant Brown occasionally commandeered the show from his fine cast of singers and, especially, dancers.