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On the other hand, while there was no significant effect of venue on the incidence of laughter, restrictions placed on a live audience at the debate venue in terms of their response appears to stifle the duration of laughter--and with this, potentially the contagiousness of this laughter.
She explained that the country has a "very strong health system" and Ebola was not a difficult disease to control since the symptoms of the virus and its contagiousness can be detected at the same time.
The effect of heterogeneous infectious period and contagiousness on the dynamics of Salmonella transmission in dairy cattle.
In determining whether to include an agent or toxin on the HHS select agent list, the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act requires several criteria be considered, including the effect on human health of exposure to the agent or toxin, the degree of contagiousness of the agent or toxin and the methods by which the agent or toxin is transferred to humans and the availability and effectiveness of pharmacotherapies and immunizations to treat and prevent any illness resulting from infection by the agent or toxin (DHHS, 2002).
Because of its rarity, recent published observations on its contagiousness are scarce, and few clinicians have first-hand knowledge of the disease.
Plus, a nice side effect is the social contagiousness it creates at bars and parties.
Venereal infections, owing to their virulent contagiousness and social stigma, were feared nearly as much as cancer.
The transmissibility and contagiousness of the S83 isolate are currently under investigation in experimentally challenged sheep.
With Tyler at the helm as sole writer, RUN manages to invoke the contagiousness of pop while still satisfying country music's ears with emotional lyrics, inventive hooks, and well-crafted stories.
In view of the contagiousness of biological worms and viruses, the terms should have been reversed.
We're excited to be working with Fleishman-Hillard to bring this celebration of creative contagiousness to life every year.