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A recent secret note from an Andhra Congress MP, an ex- YSR groupie, to Sonia Gandhi recommends that the damage will be minimal and containable if action was taken against Jagan.
However, over the weekend these same government bosses backtracked a bit, insisting Hungary's fiscal woes are containable with appropriate budget cuts, and that despite all the difficulties, the government would stick to the current 2010 budget deficit target, leading to a recovery in the forint over the weekend.
We believe the short-term difficulties which Dubai is currently facing are containable.
The options in 2009 are only as containable as we allow them to be.
382-5) whose ambitions were containable, perhaps, only within an imperial structure prone, like all empires, to overextension and internal instability.
To name your book In the United States of Africa, and to present readers with a vision of the world turned completely on its head, in which the urbane citizens of Rwanda, Nigeria, and the eastern Cape are given to fretting over a chronic glut of working-class immigrants from the war-torn and disease-ridden hamlets of Europe and North America, is to suggest a project barely containable in this volume's hundred-odd pages.
Nevertheless, the impact for the sovereign so far seems containable.
Andrea Battistini, in "Italo Calvino and the Fantasy Iconology of Cartoons," looks closely at the many frame stories within Calvino and proposes that the author interprets the world through caricatures, which "favor freedom" yet are at the same time containable.
Marshall argued for moving resources from the Pacific to Europe because the Japanese threat was containable.
There will be some other institutions that will fail, some very big ones I am afraid, and a fair number of banks, but they are going to be containable," Gregg said.
An increasing number of economists now believe that Britain is not experiencing merely a containable short-term transatlantic banking crisis, particularly damaging to the housing market, but a crisis that heralds the onset of a serious economic recession.
The superhero owed his popularity to the fantasies of streamlined masculinity, escape, inviolability, and containable violence that he embodied.