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The volume of PET containers available for recycling within the U.
It's also important not to create weak sections in the corners of the container.
Although the container was empty, it's the kickoff of an advertising campaign intended to get major shippers talking about transportation alternatives.
Managing container detention costs requires cooperation and a change in mindset, said Doug Anderson, global container management director for SDDC.
Here are suggestions for ways to make the "roller" have more stored and motion energy: 1) Make the ramp steeper, That way, the container will start with more stored energy and roll farther.
With an inland marine shipment, a trucker can actually see the cargo for the most part; but with ocean marine shipments, the cargo is coming in a container that's been sealed, Raleigh noted: "The trucker really has no idea what is in the box other than the paperwork he's seeing.
At once, the LCADS team's attention turned to the light, easy-to-rig container developed by the Natick team at the time of the operation in Bosnia.
Avoid damage and injury by making sure the item fits snugly inside the container.
12 port in the United States--is fighting hard for its share of container cargo for two reasons: The movement toward free trade agreements in the hemisphere, its managers figure, will eventually increase container cargo shipments to South Florida.
RCP's Metal Confidential Document Container is designed for extra storage surface and security.
The advent of returnable containers has led in some cases to tighter fits between the nominal bale and the container.