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Urban containment policies also affect housing densities, housing types and housing prices.
This permits a rather detailed explanation of the primary issues of friction with containment policy.
The costs of building a containment structure such as a pond to effect that same amount of reduction can also be calculated.
The first step in containment design is to identify the level of containment required.
Further, an important factor affecting the ethical acceptability of most cost containment measures is the process by which those measures are adopted-that process should be public, allowing input from all affected parties so as to increase policymakers' accountability for their decisions.
Marine Well Containment Company (MWCC) is a not-for-profit, independent organization committed to improving response capabilities for containing a deepwater well control incident in the U.
Thick mats and containment ponds also ensure fracking fluid is safely stored and disposed of according to government regulations.
Crews, aided by dozens of bulldozers, managed Thursday to secure 34 miles of containment and worked Friday to remove brush along 19 more miles in hopes of getting a line around this fire.
In the first stage, all laboratories in the national database received a letter from the appropriate health authority 1) describing the containment initiative, 2) defining infectious * and potentially infectious [dagger] WPV materials, and 3) asking laboratories to complete an attached return form to declare whether such materials were present or had been destroyed.
Flattened or crushed vehicles must be transported on vehicles that have containment walls on all four sides; containment walls on three sides plus a minimum of two tiedowns per stack; or containment walls on two sides plus a minimum of three tiedowns per stack; or a minimum of four tiedowns per vehicle stack.
After all, containment has kept Saddam from any major mischief for a decade.
He was particularly critical of recent changes to Medicaid--including the drive toward cost containment in the name of managed care--which have done nothing to improve access to long-term care.

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