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Scientific literature on nervous system effects from coexposure to aluminum, lead, and manganese, and gastrointestinal effects from coexposure to copper, iron, and sulfate were inadequate to assess possible joint toxic interactions for these two contaminant mixtures.
Average contaminant concentration for cases 1 and 2 is depicted in figure 5(a).
Location of contaminant sources and identification of the contaminants themselves usually are difficult.
If contaminants or water appear in your sample, continue drawing samples of the fuel until they no longer show contamination.
In order to verify that the CFD model can also be used in an inpatient ward with displacement ventilation, this investigation first used the measured data of air velocity, air temperature, and contaminant concentration as simulated by a tracer gas (Yin et al.
One area that is a constant issue for the diagnostic pathologist is the possibility of tissue floaters and contaminants that are transferred to the glass slides during tissue processing.
In 2003, a press release by the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services (NRBHSS, 2003) advised pregnant women and those of child-bearing age to, when possible, limit consumption of certain foods with high organochlorine contaminant content, such as the fatty portions of long-lived marine species like seals and whales.
Genesis Air, which was incorporated in January 2003, has brought together experienced professionals in the fields of engineering, building science, and real estate to create a new way to eradicate the airborne contaminants that we commonly find indoors.
As water closure increases, the level of contaminants in the wet end also increases.
In addition, lasers can strip contaminants from surfaces of parts to prepare them for decorating or bonding.
NIST has released CONTAMW, a multi-zone airflow and contaminant transport simulation program.