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Ultraviolet light, to the kind that Genesis Air Photocatalysis uses to combat airborne contamination, has been employed for years in hospitals and critical situations to kill bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants.
As water closure increases, the level of contaminants in the wet end also increases.
Cleaning lasers are adept at removing additives, colorants, grease, rust, and other contaminants from tool surfaces, while also minimizing abrasion and heat build-up.
There is a surface tension gradient between the low surface tension contaminant and the relatively high surface tension coating around it.
If contaminants are not removed, they'll accumulate in the bottom of your fuel tank.
The CFD model was used to calculate the distributions of air velocity, air temperature, gaseous contaminant concentration, air pressure, and turbulence parameters.
Most of the contaminant fragments were very well preserved morphologically and some contained frankly malignant cells.
The Safe Drinking Water Act requires the agency to identify up to 30 contaminants for monitoring every five years.
In some instances, we are asked to determine which contaminants could impact the cure or performance of an adhesive.
The proxy for population-level effects would be the net effect of the contaminant at some point near reproductive age, where the net effect is defined as the sum of exposure effects, carryover effects, and density-mediated compensation (Figure 1).
The obtained measurement information, while useful, may be difficult to use to find contaminant sources, however (Zhang and Chen 2007a).
Guidance for assessing chemical contaminant data for use in fish advisories.