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The study found most melamine-associated kidney stones were small and sandlike, and the study's authors cautioned that children with kidney stones induced by contaminated formula "require careful ongoing and long-term follow-up.
The water agency and other local agencies sued owners of the Whittaker-Bermite site in 1999, alleging pollutants from the site contaminated water in four wells that had to be shut down in 1997.
In the following example, fixed-site environmental liability insurance enabled an owner to sell a contaminated property at fair market value.
Although transformers built after 1977 no longer have PCB oils in them, there is still a significant amount of contaminated equipment across the country.
Contamination and nosocomial transmission of pathogens by other electronic devices also has been demonstrated; a contaminated personal computer has been implicated in transmission of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus to a nurse.
Over the years, government agencies and companies have spent billions of dollars trying to clean up these contaminated sites.
The goal of the center program, developed in partnership with the Hmong/American Friendship Association and the Sixteenth Street Community Health Center, is to communicate to the inner-city Hmong population the hazards associated with eating contaminated fish in a way that results in active consideration of the issues within the context of the group's fishing practices.
Not only are those species more likely to be contaminated with industrial chemicals (since they're caught closer to shore), but they're fish that humans eat.
Researchers at the University of Manitoba are shortly to publish findings that 32 of 33 supposedly GE-free seed lots in Canada were contaminated by as much as five percent genetically engineered seed.
Preliminary results indicate that the Pall(R) BDS makes it possible to extend the storage life of platelets from five to seven days without increasing the risk of transfusing a contaminated platelet.
Its introduction follows Chubb's recent launch of a collateral impairment and environmental site liability policy, which helps protect lenders from financial loss resulting when a loan is in default and the commercial property being used as collateral is contaminated.