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Under the EPA's cleanup plan, as much as 124, 000 cubic yards of contaminated soil and debris will be dug up and disposed of at a facility licensed to handle the waste.
The study found most melamine-associated kidney stones were small and sandlike, and the study's authors cautioned that children with kidney stones induced by contaminated formula "require careful ongoing and long-term follow-up.
Hogs known to have been fed contaminated product will not be approved to enter the food supply.
A former tenant had contaminated a property owned by a limited liability company (LLC).
Dekker says it can be used on a temporary permit basis to clean up large contaminated areas and/or spills where it is easier to treat the area.
Stationary phones may also harbor pathogens; stationary phones in a daycare facility were contaminated with rotavirus (7), and home phones were contaminated with enteroviral DNA (8).
Over the years, government agencies and companies have spent billions of dollars trying to clean up these contaminated sites.
The goal of the center program, developed in partnership with the Hmong/American Friendship Association and the Sixteenth Street Community Health Center, is to communicate to the inner-city Hmong population the hazards associated with eating contaminated fish in a way that results in active consideration of the issues within the context of the group's fishing practices.
Not only are those species more likely to be contaminated with industrial chemicals (since they're caught closer to shore), but they're fish that humans eat.
Researchers at the University of Manitoba are shortly to publish findings that 32 of 33 supposedly GE-free seed lots in Canada were contaminated by as much as five percent genetically engineered seed.