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No tie to one of the most typical contaminators has been found in Burnet County so far, though the chemical often is associated with dry cleaning fluids, as in the case of another Superfund site in Kingsland.
Eid is an occasion of happiness and people want to do special arrangements to look elegant but contaminators ruined their joy with such practices just to get some extra money.
Thereby, the present work selected chloramines as specialized chemical anti-parasitic and antibacterial compound to control the present resulting contaminators, including protozoan parasites and coliform bacteria, to gain safe level of drinking water, according to WHO- level, to reduce the risk of propagation of the present microorganisms.
This will have a great deal of importance in future suits by individual farmers against possible contaminators, as establishing direct harm is a necessary element of recovery in an action for trespass.
This work was initiated due to recent emerging mice risks as pests and contaminators in agricultural stores and warehouses.
The restaurant should be located at a safe distance from bad odor, smoke, dust and other contaminators and should also be built away from the path of floods and water streams.
117) From this point of view, present Neo-Luddites are extremely and politically diverse groups; from environmentalists to contaminators, romantics to rationalists, academics to politicians, atheists to believers, and/or technophobes to techno-addicts.
Other notable punk bands included the Contaminators, Impact, Guilty, Gay Marines, and Power Age, among others, as represented in a punk family tree drawn up by Rubin Rose of the group Power Age (see Illustration 1).
The protesters also set up the Tribunal Nacional de Justicia Hidrica (water-justice tribunal), which, they said, "would monitor water conflicts in the country, clarify the facts of the cases, create an agency for ethical sanctions against destroyers and contaminators of water, promote legislative initiatives regarding the right to water, and provide a space for ongoing debate on the issue of water."