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Others referred to him with contemn as a mercenary as oppose to a missionary.
Roger Ascham, to take one important Elizabethan pedagogue and writer featured in Redmond's fine analyses, warned of how "subtle and secret papists at home procured bawdy books to be translated out of the Italian tongue, whereby over many young will and wits, allured to wantonness, so now boldly contemn all severe books that sound to honesty and godliness" (Ascham quoted by Redmond 2009, 30).
Henry's Ten Articles upheld the full sacrament of penance and auricular confession in no uncertain language: "Item, that in no wise they do contemn this auricular confession which is made unto ministers of the church, but that they ought to repute the same as a very expedient and necessary mean, whereby they may require and ask this absolution at the priest's hands.
1983) 'Il fascismo femminile da San Sepolcro all'affare Matteotti (1919-1925)', Storia Contemn, Vol.
lay to vilify, and contemn the Christian Religion, on or about
5) In it, Elizabeth is very clear about the penalties for openly "contemn"ing England's sumptuary restrictions: "And for such as shall contemn any of the orders before mentioned being devised by her majesty's commandment, the offenders to be attached and committed to prison, and to be there continued and punished as apper-taineth to such as shall willfully break her majesty's commandment in causes concerning the public weal of the realm.
Thus it is the tension between the two that makes America exceptional, and that lends a certain credibility both to those who contemn her for being so menacingly religious and to those who despise her for being so aggressively godless.
The local Ulster Unionist MP united with a local nationalist councillor to contemn the terrorists who carried out yesterday's attack on the Curran family.
A good number of writers specifically urged their readers not to despise, contemn, or use unmannerly speech or behavior towards the aged.