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Hark you shadows that in darkness dwell, Learn to contemn light, Happy, happy they that in hell (38) Feel not the world's despite.
Capriccio: These toys, sir, are the ensigns that discover my name and quality, my name being Capriccio; and I wear these bellows on my head to show I can puff up with glory all those that affect me, and, besides, bear this spur to show I can spur-gall even the best that contemn me.
At the novel's end, the Levovs' life is in tatters, and those who contemn Swede's family laugh and relish the fact.
Giovanni tells de Sevrac that the "haughty Abbot" taught him "to contemn [sic] the nobles":
Thou art in continual fear lest somebody should rob thee either in thy own Country or upon the Seas, or that thy Commodities should be lost by shipwrack, and devour'd by the waters: Thus thou growest old in a short time, thy hair turns gray, thy forehead is wrinkled, a thousand inconveniences attend thy body, a thousand afflictions surround thy heart, and thou makest all the haste thou canst to the grave: Why dost thou not contemn riches as we do?
In Henry Nevil Payne's, The Fatal Jealousy (1672), Jasper, played by Sandford, says "what a devil ayles my face, that she Contemns me thus?
Histamine constitutes little component, having molecule weight contemns that comprise of ring imidazol and etilamin's chain flank.
From here Hailio contemns firefighters who he claims actually cared about saving lives at one time but now are out for nothing more than money; Reverend Desmond Tutu who is simply an evil doer of the Anti-Life regime that is the Catholic Church; and even the governments of the world who knowingly released AIDS unto the populace.
Socrates imagines the first incarnation of the state in perhaps "some lofty soul born in a mean city, the politics of which he contemns or neglects," or "peradventure," in someone whose "ill health kept him away from politics.
During the sixteenth century these players show up more and more often in the payment records of towns and great houses, and occasionally excite xenophobic outbursts, such as that of the Norwich citizen who contemns the "shameless and unnaturall tomblinges of the Italion Woemen" who performed there in 1574.
Thus Socrates would exile Homer not because he contemns poetry but to avoid the separation of language from doxology.
It also contemns radical challenges that claim, falsely, to supplant that traditional account when they are only variants of it.