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No otra cosa que aquello que el gran santo Tomas de Aquino recordaba en la expresion, llena de sentido, que llegaria a ser despues casi un lema/programa de su Orden: Contemplari et contemplata aliis tradere (10).
One of her installations is "Contemplari Natura," a grouping of 21 etchings on copper plates of the flora and fauna of Oregon - from a giant Pacific octopus to shade-loving ferns and fiddleheads - that adorns a long expanse of wood-paneled wall in the lounge of the UO's Ford Alumni Center.
De hecho, hablar de "contingencia" de las cosas no remite a un modo de ser, sino a una modalidad de nuestro conocimiento; vemos las cosas como contingentes a causa de la imaginacion, cuando la razon nos las hace ver como necesarias: "No pertenece a la naturaleza de la razon contemplar las cosas como contingentes, sino como necesarias (De naturaleza rationis non est res, ut contingentes, sed, ut necessarias, contemplari)" (Spinoza, 2005, II, prop 44; 1972, II, 81, 6-7).
o 3v: "Hic praeceptor quo plura repetit, et rem magis explicare nititur, eo magis se implicat, et Ciceronis mentem odiosis ambagibus quodammodo obtenebrat, atque, si paulo licentius loqui licet, nusquam magis aegroti veteris somnia, quam in hac expositione contemplari possumus." (The more this commentator attempts to clarify things, the more entangled he becomes, enveloping Cicero's intentions in grotesque convolutions ...
The Greek [one Greek word cannot be converted in ASCII text] (the spontaneous, awestruck seeing of the aspect of what holds sway) becomes contemplari, the activity of the Roman soothsayers who set themselves up in a predelimited and predefined region (templum) to study the flying, squawking, and eating of birds, so as to predict and control the future.(30) With the dominance of causal thinking, [one Greek word cannot be converted in ASCII text] (the surging-up to which man and human technology must adapt themselves) becomes natura and then Gestell, a standing-reserve of resources established and controlled by man and for the sake of man.
I) Ergo videtur quod ad vitam contemplativam pertineat non solum divinam veritatem, sed etiam quamlibet aliam contemplari.