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Steve Parish was being asked to contemplate a business model for the club regarding a new stadium.
Food is another holiday topic that we all seem to contemplate. Are you compiling your menu for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year's?
However, departments should contemplate e-sourcing for commodity purchases with many suppliers or when they need to dispose of inventory.
What they might do with work Forsythe had created on them from the start, however, is thrilling to contemplate. See
Well-known for his cunning in tough situations, Odysseus is occasionally left alone to "contemplate sand and trees," but the gods ultimately intervene to ensure his safety while hardening his voyage.
Although the significance of this parenthetical statement concerns prior law, and does not discuss the new statutory rule adopted in the AJCA, it should caution any taxpayer that might contemplate circumventing Sec.
The text is presented without extensive annotation or notes, allowing one to evaluate and contemplate the meaning of the words for oneself.
Who needs what--and what new thing we might be able to do that we had never before been able to contemplate.
Do modern paintings really need to bear the weight of the world, and must their viewers contemplate with religious awe the paintings' failure to do so?
I AM a lifelong fan, having followed West Brom for 40 years as a member of a family of season-ticket holders, and I think it's disgusting that the club should even contemplate re-signing Lee Hughes.
According to The Washington Post of June 10, "the tactical use of nuclear weapons is being studied." As a so-called preemptive measure, the Pentagon would contemplate using nuclear weapons "against biological weapons that can be best destroyed by sustained exposure to the high heat of a nuclear blast."
People who contemplate joining forces need to realistically determine if their personal values are similar enough.