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Every man will be sensible of this difficulty, in proportion as he has been accustomed to contemplate and discriminate objects extensive and complicated in their nature.
Crimsworth, elegantly dressed in satin and lace, blooming in youth and health, vouchsafed me no more notice than was expressed by a distant move; Crimsworth, of course, never spoke to me; I was introduced to none of the band of young ladies, who, enveloped in silvery clouds of white gauze and muslin, sat in array against me on the opposite side of a long and large room; in fact, I was fairly isolated, and could but contemplate the shining ones from affar, and when weary of such a dazzling scene, turn for a change to the consideration of the carpet pattern.
West Of Jesus: Surfing, Science, And The Origins Of Belief by award-winning author Steven Kotler contemplates the link between neuroscience, spiritual transcendence, and sports.
It should also be noted that OSHA contemplates that the regulations will apply to all renovations and remodeling activities, which are defined to include "removal or replacement of walls, ceilings, floors, carpet and components such as moldings, cabinets, doors and windows; painting, decorating, demolition, surface refinishing and removal or cleaning of ventilation ducts.
I note that your Rebuild America Fund proposal contemplates a $20 billion federal investment leveraging $30 billion more from other governmental or private sources.
The Letter of Intent contemplates that the Parties will execute and deliver, at closing of the Reorganization Transaction, an Undertaking Agreement in form and substance mutually agreed upon by the Parties, setting forth the foregoing terms, conditions and undertakings as described above; and
The New Soros Group proposal contemplates that Star Gas LLC would, in consideration of the Soros Group's standby commitment in the rights offering, (a) agree to relinquish its right to receive distributions from Star pursuant to Star's partnership agreement (other than with respect to capital actually invested in Star) and, (b) cause Star to issue to the Soros Group newly created units which would provide economic benefits substantially equivalent to the new general partner's rights to receive distributions under the Amended Kestrel Unit Purchase Agreement.
The new proposal (the New Soros Group proposal) by this consortium contemplates the formation of a new company, referred to herein as the "Soros Group," to effectuate the transactions contained in the New Soros Group proposal.
The revised proposal by this consortium contemplates the formation of a new company, referred to herein as the "Soros Group," to effectuate the transactions contained in their revised proposal.
The initial project contemplates at least 20,000 access points being delivered and installed over a 12-month period, to equip all of the Japanese locations of the two large retail chains, with over 6,000 units of the equipment already installed or on the way.