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Discussing his long and varied career, the Everton man ponders most questions by contemplatively running his fingers through the beard that has made him one of the most recognisable faces in world football.
It's not all staring out of a window contemplatively, chuffing Marlborough Lights while wearing a tutu.
Ellison pulls at a glass bong and contemplatively nods along, as though he's trying to eschew eye contact with me.
Rocker Constantinople incorporates Indian–inspired harmonies into the Bunnymen's trademark atmospheric style before things slow down with solid, head–nodding beats on Lovers On The Run and Burn It Down, with New Horizons ending things contemplatively.
Depicted primarily as a solitary figure, the artist in You Owe Me a Feeling performs both creative "work" (in a gallery, in his studio, holding a palette and crumpled paint tubes and looking contemplatively into the distance) and SoCal-style "play" (on the beach, on a sailboat, on a tennis court, driving a white Porsche convertible).
I was by him in the flash of an eye, a mottled brown-black "desert dog" which had got under the safety barrier on the Shaikh Khalifa Highway and was now sitting contemplatively with a "thousand yard stare", not looking for an opportunity to cross the road.
Cuts away from the footage to close ups of the poet-songwriter's watching face suggest that he looks on at the film-within-the-film in fascination, his eyes unblinking, his mouth slightly agape and his head cocked contemplatively to one side.
A man in enormous black-framed glasses and an antique-looking hat stares contemplatively into the distance.
Joseph's Abbey, where cloistered Roman Catholic Trappist monks contemplatively churn out jars of their famous jam, religious faith is optional.
Some missionaries are looking back on their lives, contemplatively, others are written "in the moment.
He looks down towards a small flower arrangement on the table, and plays with it contemplatively before continuing in an almost plaintive tone: "And that is a kind of betrayal, in a way, of the fact that we have curiosity but, most of all, we have intelligence and so we should be questioning, challenging, trying to find out.
It can be argued that wherever there is symmetry in art --including 'YBA' (Young British Artists) art--it may be more inclined to the contemplatively spiritual.