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Carefully posed, gazing contemplatively into the camera, accompanied by a reminder of the ace's service--a flight jacket, medals, a wartime background shot, or even just a unit patch--these professional portrayals are intended to bring out the strength, fortitude, and spirit of the subject.
At the same time, I am curious about the relationship between the two sides of the "double vision" Alber describes in his strategies for negotiating the impossible: on one side, we engage world- and meaning-making strategies to make sense of the unnaturalness of a narrative; on the other side, we sit contemplatively in a state of unknowingness, resisting the interpretive move, and embracing the strangeness of the unnatural.
The author-meets-readers sessions were also a cardinal component of the third pedagogical dimension: the course was taught contemplatively.
Stormzy steps outside and drags contemplatively on a Benson & Hedges Dual cigarette.
On their first meeting, John is drawn to him as he sits contemplatively at the bar.
Just like her feline friends, she enjoys climbing in boxes and staring contemplatively out of the window.
If Beethoven's second movement was contemplatively absorbing, Saint SaAA<<ns' second was playfully delightful what with those amazing light staccato configurations
Wu's focus on the role of ideology in general and the concept of class in particular is premised on the conviction that "theoretical ideas emerge from a context of pragmatic action rather than contemplatively as disembodied knowledge.
And if we listen to the music contemplatively, even soulfully we ought to hear echoes of slaves who gathered in Congo Square every Sunday to find life and respite.
Discussing his long and varied career, the Everton man ponders most questions by contemplatively running his fingers through the beard that has made him one of the most recognisable faces in world football.