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These killings are so bizarrely out of keeping with the rest of the film that they feel as if they carry no moral weight, as if they suddenly dropped in out of the blue from another film; the province of narrative driven drama instead of Mousoulis' present-moment contemplativeness.
Wenders' occasionally off-putting, post-war European contemplativeness was, also like Kiarostami's work, often tempered by the naive, sometimes starkly learned point of view of children -- an idea both directors gleaned from post-war Italian cinema.
In the passage over that threshold of darkness to the contemplativeness of one who writes there is revealed the mysterious beauty of the labyrinth, new births, resurrections, total radiance: "dedalo di falo, spezie, sospiri da manti di smeraldo ventilato.
According to Jones, symbolist and impressionist techniques show Toomer's thought to be "reified" - as do his religiosity, his contemplativeness, his attempts to merge genres, and, most crucially, his denial of his assigned "place" in American racial structures.
the qualities which are intrinsic to the aesthetic experience (disinterestedness, contemplativeness, attentiveness, the awakening of the feelings) .
This text imagines painting, with its flesh tones and its chiaroscuro effects, as born from dreaming of an intimate union between corpulence and contemplativeness - in color, of course.