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One fundamental difficulty when applying the TTM is accurately defining and classifying each individual into one of the six stages of precontemplators (believers and disbelievers), contemplators, preparers, actioners, and maintainers (Prochaska et al.
The written text is a meditative instrument that finally, as contemplator and contemplated merge, confounds one into a profound relationship with the Divine.
it is immediately of no importance whether it is this tree or its ancestor that flourished a thousand years ago, and whether the contemplator is this individual, or any other living anywhere and at any time.
He is a contemplator and observer who prefers the quiet and solitude of the country, though he has known the excitement of the big city.
The distinction between subject and object no longer exists in the contemplator and s/he no longer suffers.
There is no absolute physical reality which a mind may contemplate in its pure independence of the contemplator and the conditions of his contemplation.
Theory is thus detached from the place of happiness occupied by a leisurely contemplator (what Blumenberg calls "bliss") and becomes instead a mode of effort and concern for oneself aiming at security.
Feld posits that Pascal recommends one to arrest the impulse toward diversion and contemplate the void: face to face with this absolute emptiness the contemplator will realize that the nothing is tragically one's own groundless ground of being.
7) Contemplator tuo dono utique optimo atque maximo te Iesum meumpredicantem verba vite: et largiter divinum semen in corda audientium seminentem, et video eos abire qui non perceperunt ea que spiritus sunt, sed manentes video discipulos qui iam gustare ceperunt dulcedinem doctrine animam vivificantis.
Nonetheless, this might allow the contemplator to benefit from these terms in an area that did not interest Ricoeur, i.
The contemplator is having the same ultimate goal as the person who lives the life of ethically virtuous activity.
Ricardo de San Victor ([dagger] 1173) es conocido con el sobrenombre Magnus Contemplator, debido probablemente a sus escritos sobre la vida espiritual.