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If they were to find such a light, they might save the rich beauty of the world from its reduction to clear and distinct objectivity--offering us something to enjoy, not master, and bidding us rise, at least for a moment, to the place of leisurely contemplators, not anxious workers.
Identifying the positive and negative aspects of continuing to smoke and emphasizing the negative consequences of continuing to smoke will help the contemplator resolve ambivalence toward continuing to smoke.
Thus, a participant responding with a "three" on the ladder was classified as a contemplator (equal to rung two) because the minimum requirements for membership in the preparation stage (rung four) had not been met.
That Komunyakaa is the subject of numerous published interviews touching, variously, upon his life, his views of art, and his many goals as a poet, suggests that authors and interviewers have found him an articulate and interesting contemplator of his craft.
Suffice it to say, lest we indulge in invidious comparisons, that Malerba's experiment, leagues away from the murky waters of whatever lurks in the hearts of men and women, turns the hero's psychic space inside out and leaves it and its contemplator basking in the brilliant light, the cleansing and refreshing lucidity of the Aegean Sea.
Even as he prophesies that his repressed history will return because its effacement will spark the curiosity of the people, he fears the power of the inscription that will tell them he has been "decapitated for his crimes" and suggests that it would be "better to record the facts, / So that the contemplator might approve, / Or at least learn whence the crimes arose" (v.
The eye of the contemplator remains "blank," inexorably emptied of vital content by the "void" of grief that marks the vision-space and turns all sense data into pallid abstractions.
Aristotle argues from this that the contemplative life is superior because it is more self-sufficient: whereas noble action requires many external things, "the contemplator does not need them, at any rate for his activity, and is even so to speak hindered by them with regard to his contemplation.
In elaborating on the aspect of being onesell as conscious being Lonergan explains that it "is not an object, not part of the spectacle we contemplate, but the presence to himself of the spectator, the contemplator.
Confronted with a true cinematographic work of art, the viewer is never a passive contemplator, but someone who participates in the creation of this artistic world.
These two contemplators of time and the infinite, it turns out, are artists Charlotte Posenenske (1930-1985) and Wlodzimierz Borowski (1930-2008)--their identities indicated, eerily, by masks that transform their visages into affectless screens--and the strikingly beautiful landscape through which they walk is that of the afterlife.
Thought to be the site of the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah, the basin and surrounding hills attracted fanatics and hermits, believers and contemplators, but never in great numbers.