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Theory is thus detached from the place of happiness occupied by a leisurely contemplator (what Blumenberg calls "bliss") and becomes instead a mode of effort and concern for oneself aiming at security.
Not sure which I fit into - creatives, maybe, as I made something that I then gave out to passers-by, or contemplators as I sat quietly while working on the birds rather than promoting a cause or giving a perfor mance.
The US Public Health Service's clinical practice guideline recommends a 5-step approach for both the precontemplators and the contemplators who are unwilling to quit, known as the "5 R's.
Puritan devotees of the imitatio, in Crisp's view, were failing to be true to puritan contemplators of the Adamic bequest--"that universall leprosie and loathsomnesse over-spreading man.
A limited sub-sample of precontemplators and contemplators prevented the use of a chi-square analysis between orientation and stages of change groups.
Clients who are paralyzed in a state of perpetual analysis are sometimes called "chronic contemplators.
His sons and friends dug the grave and found the headstone lying in it, and they built a stone seat next to the grave for contemplators.
A discriminant function analysis was conducted to understand which variables best explained the difference between the contemplators and the noncontemplators.
To better assess whether observed income differences between attempters and contemplators are an artifact of heterogeneity, I engaged in several additional analyses.
However, Contemplators continue to overestimate the costs of changing and, therefore, are ambivalent and not quite ready to change.
Contemplators are thinking about basing purchasing on CSR or have used CSR as a criterion in the past, but this criterion still does not play much of a role in their decision processes or purchase behavior.
Their activity as propagandists could not be torn from their "passivity" as mere strollers and contemplators.