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Contemplators in this group who had been previously introduced to ACP were motivated and willing to engage further in EOL planning, yet quite a few admitted to procrastinating for more than 6 months, with some remaining at the contemplation or preparation stages for years without completing the process.
Theory is thus detached from the place of happiness occupied by a leisurely contemplator (what Blumenberg calls "bliss") and becomes instead a mode of effort and concern for oneself aiming at security.
In this future paradise nature lovers will contemplate "with awe-struck reverence scenes of overpowering sublimity eclipsing the superficial prettiness on offer before"; a musician will play music "more exhilarating and numinously beautiful than his or her ancestors ever dreamed of" and far more beautiful than the "celestial music of the spheres heard by privileged medieval mystics"; contemplators of works of visual art will "behold the secular equivalent of the beatific vision in a million different guises, each of indescribable glory"; and, in general, the "ravishing splendor" of "states of divine happiness [will be] orders of magnitude more beautiful than anything the contemporary mind can access.
Contemplators are individuals who are seriously considering changing in the next 6 months.
been We've also been divided into categories - activists, creatives, promoters, communicators and contemplators.
She's neither humming nor moving, adjusting her focus on the infinite, the way our eyes do before a seascape--night falls, the air is still, the coconut palms rise all the way to the beach, and we wonder, seeing them thus against the light, whether they were not once humans, contemplators of the vastness, sentinels of the ages, fathomers of the abyss.
Analysis of variance (ANOVA) revealed that the mean values for the perceived pros of smoking were significantly higher for precontemplators and contemplators than for subjects in the action and maintenance stages (p < .
The US Public Health Service's clinical practice guideline recommends a 5-step approach for both the precontemplators and the contemplators who are unwilling to quit, known as the "5 R's.
It is a specific form of the relation between creator and contemplators, fixed in the artistic work (BAKHTIN, citado por TODOROV, 1984: 21)
Puritan devotees of the imitatio, in Crisp's view, were failing to be true to puritan contemplators of the Adamic bequest--"that universall leprosie and loathsomnesse over-spreading man.
A limited sub-sample of precontemplators and contemplators prevented the use of a chi-square analysis between orientation and stages of change groups.