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Each of these are instances of how Benedict's general observations on religion, on history prior to Jesus and his contemporaneousness, confers on the book an importance and a contemporary relevance that other books on Christ, which are concerned with a meticulous discussion of the events of his life, do not possess.
This is a sign of their genius to have not only tapped into the zeitgeist but to have also reached into the future that now defines their contemporaneousness.
The skills of the scribbler are not necessarily those which make for the historian: by nature, there is more contemporaneousness about the former than the latter and more than a whiff of scandal (or 'scoundrel'?
The address emphasizes the timeless contemporaneousness of the painting, highlighted too by its warm humanity as compared to the stylized Virgin and Child of the previous poem, where the human creature is "Austere and almost arrogant.
Consequently, from such a perspective, one can not conceive of the possible coexistence of temporalities, the contemporaneousness of the self and the other must be unthinkable, as is attested (but not acknowledged) by the "other among us" conceit of the folklorist, the ethnographer, and the "ethnologist of the self.
And while it might have been, in its previous incarnation, characterized as an "appliance" inasmuch as the sheetmetal wasn't exactly styled so that it would stand out on the road, there is a far greater contemporaneousness to the exterior.
The urban space reproduces itself in the development of economic experience; which, in its contemporaneousness, means new centralities, causing an intense consumers' mobility.
It is sovereignty, it is time-depth, its contemporaneousness, it is ceremony, etcetera.
The text, although limited by diffuse focus, inconsistent quality, and excessive contemporaneousness, fills a void by attempting to unite streams that have yet to sufficiently interact.
As we see from parallel lectures, temporal parallelness is contemporaneousness.
The relationship between the ways in which theatre works and television attempts to present spontaneity and contemporaneousness are noticeable; news is another genre which displays its liveness by positioning the audience as the fourth wall and acknowledges the audience at home.
Moreover, the ballad--whose literary revival begins with Thomas Percy's Reliques of English Poetry (1765) and whose efficacy among educated nineteenth-century readers lasts until Oscar Wilde's The Ballad of Reading Gaol (1898)--is a genre that proved exceptionally potent for writers who wished to articulate thoughts about the cultural ancestry as well as the social contemporaneousness of English poetry.