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Ah, no need to remind a man of seventy, who has just been home to find that he has survived all his contemporaries.
In this scrap-book is such testimony relating to my shady side, as I have within the past ten years been able to cut from the columns of my competitors in the business of elevating humanity to a higher plane of mind and morals - my 'loathsome contemporaries.
popular author's contemporaries, the appellant being his obscure
The greater number, if not all, of these extinct quadrupeds lived at a late period, and were the contemporaries of most of the existing sea-shells.
Mandeville,' however, is a very minor figure when compared with his great contemporaries, especially with the chief of them, Geoffrey Chaucer.
Those summer days which some of my contemporaries devoted to the fine arts in Boston or Rome, and others to contemplation in India, and others to trade in London or New York, I thus, with the other farmers of New England, devoted to husbandry.
In her family's eyes he had no ordinary, definite career and position in society, while his contemporaries by this time, when he was thirty-two, were already, one a colonel, and another a professor, another director of a bank and railways, or president of a board like Oblonsky.
Marin's brilliant and passionate book makes Poussin and Caravaggio our own contemporaries.
Vanderlinden's nascent career reflects a declining interest among her contemporaries in what they see as the rigid structure of the permanent exhibition space.
During the past year there has been a steady stream of solid to splendid shows by my insouciant contemporaries.
The list of artists alone reads like a dream permanent collection: '6os stalwarts Dan Graham, Sol LeWitt, Robert Smithson, Paul Thek, and Andy Warhol; earlier avant-gardists such as Naum Gabo and Man Ray; and contemporaries including Isa Genzken, Evan Holloway, and Henrik Plenge Jakobsen.
Indeed, a dedication to beauty in truth permitted Mies to see over the heads of his contemporaries and glimpse what modern architecture would become.