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Contemporarily stylish rooms, offer high speed wireless internet, in-room entertainment with multi-channel satellite
When artists contemporarily and physically present archives, installations and found objects are most common (similar to Duchamp with whom Benfer coincidentally shares a birthday) and to whom Benfer pays obvious homage in a number of works, including his Industrial Series, (9) as well as Untitled (Documentation) and Untitled (SHSU-Trap).
s stated intention is to examine a particular "moment" in liturgical history from which broader understandings may be extrapolated historically and contemporarily.
Contemporarily speaking, although there are rare instances of state sanctioned mob violence, fire hoses, attack dogs, and physical manifestations of Jim Crow in main stream modern life against Black people, I was equally convinced that the negative disparities in the quality of life indicators for people of African descent could not simply be the singular result of members of this population not living up to their human potential.
However, contemporarily, this characterization of Asians as pariahs has shifted to that of paragons of academic success--this is represented in higher education by the model minority stereotype (MMS).
Muscheidt pointed to the importance of reconstructing the Interior Ministry to create a security system capable to manage and plan contemporarily to maintain the country's security.
But I can say that as a result of being accredited, the family can be sure that someone has reviewed the program contemporarily against standards, and that compliance is ongoing, not periodic.
Yet, most agree that Aristotle's root meaning of praxis exists contemporarily (Blackburn, 1996; Bernstein, 1971, 1983; Gadamer, 1976; Linge, 1976; Magee, 2006).
The property has 22 contemporarily designed bedrooms (ranging from single to family suite) equipped with double bed, bath or showering facilities, flat-screen TV, cable TV, direct dial phone with free national calls and free wi-fi access.
Turkey announced that it would expand sanctions on Syria contemporarily with other Arab countries.
It seems that in their structure the sources of a certain dislike to discover the heterogeneously complex past in cities of Central-Eastern Europe can be found; the sources and conditions of contemporarily existing attitudes of appropriating multiethnic past, present in group and individual historical memory, by one ethnic group.