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"That seems to be where we are at the moment - having the leadership in a bunker so they are not hearing views [or] evidence that is in conflict with what they are trying to do" Sacking her, the Labour Party said: "To compare the Labour leader and staff to the Nazi regime is contemptible, and grossly insensitive to Jewish staff."
And should the woman then "tone down" her strength and independence to accommodate the so-called weak and contemptible men?COMPETITIONAnd who are these weak and contemptible men the writer keeps referring to?
Judge Gaskell told him: "You do not need me to tell you it is utterly contemptible any man should get sexual gratification by going on his computer to see images of children being abused."
The Iranian foreign ministry condemned Washington's "contemptible and worthless move" to add new names to the list of its illegal sanctions, and warned that the country "will reciprocate the move by imposing sanctions on a number of American natural and legal persons who have taken steps against the Iranian people and other Muslim nations in the region.
He has shown a complete lack of respect for the community and has behaved in a contemptible fashion.
"I have never seen such a contemptible and irresponsible situation.
"This was a contemptible crime carried out by a trusted member of staff.
The truth is that Vladimir Putin's contemptible response to the treatment of the bodies of the people killed after Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine is terrible.
Response was swift, with one tweet calling the hashtag contemptible. Ethical Oil spokesperson Amanda Achtman said she had posted the tweet, which she described as careiess.
Supreme Court ruling delivered Thursday is notable for its common sense - not the decision on the health care law, but the one protecting Americans' right to be contemptible braggarts.
The Deputy General would like to make clear that he will legally follow and prosecute whoever proves to be behind or taking part in spreading such contemptible lies, the statement warned.
The scum responsible have hit a new low even by their own contemptible standards and must be brought to justice.