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This man is a dangerous nationalist who will stop at nothing to convince himself, with the aid of a gullible people, that he is not the contemptible human being he knows himself to be.
Lying about the nation's highest military decoration is contemptible, but it should not be illegal.
Today is Aung San Suu Kyi's birthday and it is a tragedy that she will spend it in prison as the Burmese regime pursues its absurd and contemptible sham trial of her," Brown said at a post-summit press conference.
The early announcers of the second type have more realistic chances at winning their party's nominations (and yes, their politics are generally contemptible too).
That these obits were somehow nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in 1995 says all one needs to know about the contemptible intellectual rape of our culture.
IT is punditry at its laziest and its most contemptible.
Mr McCririck said yesterday: 'It is contemptible that the Prime Minister cannot be bothered to sacrifice just 24 hours from his holiday to pay his, and the nation's tribute to Robin.
Being called contemptible by Tom DeLay is like being called a thug by Tony Soprano.
The attempt by Michael Howard, pictured, to make race the issue is contemptible.
The remark's casual brutality ratties Timm, who never considers the entry's ambigulty--Did Karl-Heinz shoot the Russian soldier, or is he simply regarding him as a contemptible enemy?