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It was never good world with us priests," Anthony Gilby has an abrasive chaplain say, in effect, making contempt for the crowd contemptibly Catholic.
The most famous example of such love in a Fascist context is Mussolini's fondness for doffing his shirt and exposing his manly chest to the cameras (especially if cameramen could also incorporate into the same picture the midget King Victor Emmanuel III, fully uniformed and contemptibly incapable of cramping Mussolini's half-nude style).
To shock and alarm with enacted savagery is contemptibly easy.
In contrast to the quasi divinity of the Homeric [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], Hesiod presents us with a singer who is emphatically, and even contemptibly, mortal.
In 1927, just two years before his death, he wrote his friend and complained about the way in which his paintings had been "so contemptibly treated.
The Religious Right's leaders are the people who contemptibly proclaimed that pro-choice Americans caused the attacks of September 11.
They wanted no confrontation with the United States and in his view were contemptibly unrevolutionary.
But, most contemptibly of all, these are presumably also the same British citizens who so vehemently object to wars waged against the brutal regimes who force people to become asylum seekers in the first place.
Establishment-approved reading matter long available in sforim could in this way be made to serve a radically alternative purpose: a mere bikhl might be transformed into a new kind of sefer, and those among the learned who might be discovered glancing into one need not be compromised, since the scandalous publication could always be discountenanced as contemptibly fit only for women.
A hypocrite before others, and before myself a contemptibly woebegone weakling?
While I can certainly interpret the meaning of their project as a whole, the individuals involved were a mixed bag -- appallingly innocent, contemptibly complacent, bracingly pragmatic, and deeply idealistic -- and thus impossible to characterize collectively.