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He quoted the examples of PML-N leaders Danyal Aziz and Nihal Hashmi who went to jail over contemptuous conduct.
In its written order, the court observed, 'The conduct of Advocate General and other law officers before this court is highly contemptuous. It shows that the Advocate General and other law officers wanted constitution of Bench of their choice.'
The private school's lawyer said that they had not intended to be contemptuous against the court and had followed by the court's directives by reducing their fee.
Dzani, a distinguished Entrepreneur and Businessman with extensive business experience as an Economist and accomplished Business Owner, openly boasted that he is a member of the Council of State and therefore cannot be punished for his contemptuous behavior.
Clips from Liaquat's television program, showing contemptuous comments, were played as an evidence in the court room.
Kamran Murtaza, the legal counsel of former state minister informed the court that actual notice was taken on a video clip annexed with a note put by the Supreme Court's registrar while declaring the same as contemptuous.
The counsel referred to the ongoing public gatherings in which the former PM addressed and allegedly made contemptuous remarks targeting judges of the superior courts.He stated that anti-judiciary speeches were telecast live and Pemra, which was the relevant authority, did not stop any TV channel from airing those remarks.
DIRECTORS of Carillion have been accused of being "contemptuous" of their pension obligations.
The court also fixed February 22, 2018, for the hearing of the casea, just as it described the action of the PDP as contemptuous adding that status quo must be maintained by parties in the matter.
This was after activist Okiya Omtatah filed a petition for the award to be declared invalid, null and void, arguing "it is laced with open fraud and contemptuous disregard for the rule of law".
Maybe we are seeing the contemptuous attitudes of these individuals torn from them, leaving others to contemplate the fact that they are not above the law and that the value of an individual is not solely based on financial status, or what others can do for you.
The court issued the notice while hearing a contempt plea moved by petitioner Ahmad Nawaz Khan, who stated that Sethi deliberately and intentionally violated the restraining order and was still functioning in his job, adding that he had also used contemptuous language against the court.