contemptuous treatment

See: contumely
References in classic literature ?
When they had nothing else to say, it must be always easy to begin abusing Miss Woodhouse; and the enmity which they dared not shew in open disrespect to her, found a broader vent in contemptuous treatment of Harriet.
His temper might perhaps be a little soured by finding, like many others of his sex, that through some unaccountable bias in favour of beauty, he was the husband of a very silly woman,--but she knew that this kind of blunder was too common for any sensible man to be lastingly hurt by it.-- It was rather a wish of distinction, she believed, which produced his contemptuous treatment of every body, and his general abuse of every thing before him.
"So of set purpose I redoubled my contemptuous treatment of him, and waited to see what he would do.
She knew that she, Sonia, was the chief reason for the 'genteel' ladies' contemptuous treatment of Katerina Ivanovna's invitation.
Her master's indignation at the attempt to impose on him; his plainly-expressed suspicion that Miss Bygrave was privy to it; his disappointment in the niece; his contemptuous treatment of the uncle on the Parade; his weariness of the place which had been the scene of his rash intimacy with strangers, and his readiness to quit it that morning, all commended themselves as genuine realities to the housekeeper's mind, for one sufficient reason.
'After sixty years of profits to BNS shareholders and revenues to Canada, the Government and people of Antigua and Barbuda are entitled to feel aggrieved at such contemptuous treatment.'
But the peer's recent elevation to the role of Culture Minister has pointed up the contrast between the way he has been treated by Labour First Minister Carwyn Jones and - as he would see it - the contemptuous treatment he received from Ms Wood, for whom he has no time.
Finally, the contemptuous treatment and indignity heaped upon us by Network Rail and Virgin East Coast with the insufferable pink stickers around this world first, Grade I-listed building proclaiming welcome to Newcastle Station!
The last half century of communist planning combined with the US embargo and Cuban society's contemptuous treatment of the rural areas have led to the decline in agricultural production while the authorities place blame on climate change, hurricanes, saline soils, and erosion caused by torrential rains that combine to leave the Cuban table empty and make a piece of meat, cheese, or a glass of milk an exorbitant luxury.
Now here's where I thought the sympathy might come in - for the contemptuous treatment councils regularly receive.
"Such contemptuous treatment of the people of Wales during the campaign does nothing to enhance the reputation of the Assembly and only serves to undermine the legitimacy of the referendum result."
The Parkhead chairman (above) has the moral high ground after the SFA's recently contemptuous treatment of his club.