contemptuous treatment

See: contumely
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Finally, the contemptuous treatment and indignity heaped upon us by Network Rail and Virgin East Coast with the insufferable pink stickers around this world first, Grade I-listed building proclaiming welcome to Newcastle Station
The last half century of communist planning combined with the US embargo and Cuban society's contemptuous treatment of the rural areas have led to the decline in agricultural production while the authorities place blame on climate change, hurricanes, saline soils, and erosion caused by torrential rains that combine to leave the Cuban table empty and make a piece of meat, cheese, or a glass of milk an exorbitant luxury.
Evans, who still protests he's innocent of rape, was deemed a special case; someone who should suffer for the rest of his life for his disrespectful, contemptuous treatment of a woman who later that morning couldn't recall what had happened in the early hours.
Now here's where I thought the sympathy might come in - for the contemptuous treatment councils regularly receive.
Such contemptuous treatment of the people of Wales during the campaign does nothing to enhance the reputation of the Assembly and only serves to undermine the legitimacy of the referendum result.
The Parkhead chairman (above) has the moral high ground after the SFA's recently contemptuous treatment of his club.
Thankfully, many women, religious and lay, are expressing their own contempt for this contemptuous treatment.
His contemptuous treatment by some right-wingers suggests that perhaps the reverse is true.
Moreover, contemptuous treatment would not conduce to the redemption of one with a bad will.
By so doing, Khartoum has shown once more its contemptuous treatment of international conventions of war and that its legal system is a mere extension of its oppressive regime.
com: "Though the ruling will be strongly challenged on appeal, its larger importance may be as another straw in a judicial wind blowing against the Bush administration's contemptuous treatment of the Constitution and the courts.
And so far, all it's done is to remind us once more of Camilla's destructive effect on Diana's life while also, inevitably, recalling Charles' contemptuous treatment of the Princess of Wales - a title Camilla knows she daren't use.