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The war on drugs has also been used by government forces to 'neutralize state criminals, activists, and political oppositions,' Contend said.
Contend is also developing digital warehousing services that will greatly improve the efficiency and time to market for branded content.
Some individuals contend that the majority of the case influx results from Project Exile and that most defendants in these cases require court-appointed lawyers.
In today's health care environment, contend experts, it is vital that long term care facilities remain proactive.
In a short epilogue, the authors discuss the whole notion of value, and contend that the fundamental challenge facing corporations today is to create "new systems of information, measurement and reporting that properly identify what creates value." As they rightly note, "much remains to be done."
He contends that the "politically motivated scholar and teacher is engaged in a dishonest act: pretending that his conclusions are reached impartially when they are not." Yet one would be hard-pressed to name a more politically motivated scholar than the author himself, the John M.
The best explanation for the unusual evolutionary relationship among three organisms is that the two lesser-related ones are common ancestors of the third, Lake and Rivera contend. That would make eukaryotes the shared descendants of the two prokaryotes.--B.H.
This view contends that, rather than a need for the existing infrastructure of the Internet to expand vertically (via fatter and fatter bandwidth), the design of the underlying architecture needs to go horizontal, via so-called edge services.
Schwiedland was upset by what he described as "turner apprentices with torn trousers and in slippers taking walks in Ottakring" (Vienna's sixteenth district).(43) He contended that "such perceptions matter especially in cities, where one sees already sixteen year-old boys with thirteen year-old girls after work walking like man and wife, arm in arm towards the empty valleys on the periphery of the city when sometimes scenes take place reminiscent of Zola's Germinal."(44) This viewpoint continued to dominate much of the Austrian discourse well into the twentieth century.
Second, Mackey contends that critical attention to similarities in style and form - as opposed, for example, to content-based readings, which he implies are often shaped by reductive assumptions about race or region - allows for a richer understanding of the cross-cultural dimension of figures presumed to be divided by geographic, racial, and even temporal boundaries.
Promoters of charitable split-dollar insurance transactions contend that the assumptions used to value current life insurance protection under Rev.