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If, then, a man should make this exception and contend that statements and opinions are capable of admitting contrary qualities, his contention is unsound.
They are intended for the perusal of young women, at that tender age when the feelings of their nature begin to act on them most insidiously, and when their minds are least prepared by reason and experience to contend with their passions.
Histories make men wise; poets witty; the mathematics subtile; natural philosophy deep; moral grave; logic and rhetoric able to contend.
During the month of February the workmen had to contend with a sheet of water which made its way right across the outer soil.
with what we DO; this alone, they contend, can be accurately observed.
But in all these cases, so he contends, the content exists when the thought exists, and is what distinguishes it, as an occurrence, from other thoughts.
Modern idealism professes to be by no means confined to the present thought or the present thinker in regard to its knowledge; indeed, it contends that the world is so organic, so dove-tailed, that from any one portion the whole can be inferred, as the complete skeleton of an extinct animal can be inferred from one bone.
In the first morality it is the eagle which, looking down upon a browsing lamb, contends that "eating lamb is good.
Grimwig contends that he was right in the main, and, in proof thereof, remarks that Oliver did not come back after all; which always calls forth a laugh on his side, and increases his good humour.
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