contend against

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He well knew the futility of trying to contend against witches, so he gave up discouraged.
Thus, not only have I the father's spirit in the son to contend against, the germs of his evil tendencies to search out and eradicate, and his corrupting intercourse and example in after-life to counteract, but already he counteracts my arduous labour for the child's advantage, destroys my influence over his tender mind, and robs me of his very love; I had no earthly hope but this, and he seems to take a diabolical delight in tearing it away.
And all of a sudden, instead of his life with his wife being made on an individual pattern, it was, on the contrary, entirely made up of the pettiest details, which he had so despised before, but which now, by no will of his own, had gained an extraordinary importance that it was useless to contend against.
While they admit that the government of the United States is destitute of energy, they contend against conferring upon it those powers which are requisite to supply that energy.
Bumble, that I have to contend against one very great disadvantage: which is, that all the stout people go off the quickest.
The inspector could not contend against this accusation; he simply wrote, -- "Nothing to be done.
Yes, among your friends of other times; among those who aided you to contend against the Duc de Richelieu and even to conquer him.
You speak to me as if I were something you had to contend against.
But the spirit of resignation and endurance that had so long upheld her, was unable to contend against bodily weakness and infirmity.
Scarcely any other great writer has ever had to contend against such hard and cruel handicaps as he.
With the presence of our seasoned locals and two powerful imports, we're confident that we can contend against the heavyweights of the Grand Prix.
Thais Pasavee Lertvelai and Wisut Artjanawat, Americans John Michael O'Toole and Seungjae Maeng, Korean-American Micah Shin, and others are also tipped to contend against the local pros that include Tony Lascua, the local circuit's reigning Order of Merit king.