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The IRS contended the requested documents were necessary to determine the accuracy of Maxey's income tax returns for 1992 to 1994, as well as to ascertain whether he had committed any criminal tax offense.
The IRS contended that AAFP was engaged in the insurance business and that the interest was taxable as an integral part of that business.
6) Zucker, author of numerous works on the youth crime issue, contended that "In the increasing amount of youth crime hides a large social danger for the future.
In further trials with 4-year-olds, most of these youngsters contended that people can voluntarily empty their minds of all thoughts and ideas for a few minutes and that the mind of a waiting person "was not doing anything.
Responses emerging from the room might prove indistinguishable from those of a native Chinese speaker, Searle contended, even though the person toiling in the Chinese Room understands neither the questions nor the answers.
Hilgard, offers a useful framework for understanding the relation of conscious to unconscious mental activity, Kihlstrom contended at the recent annual meeting of the American Psychological Association in Washington, D.