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The design of Warren Center's Contender was based on a massive but easily removed hinge pin forward on the action, held in place by the forend and mated to an opening in the locking lug below the barrel, with the lug dropping into a recess in the bottom of the receiver.
Contender are bringing famed mixed martial artist Melvin Manhoef back over to Teesside from Holland this weekend for a series of seminars.
Despite the Contender's long history and its loyal following, changes to the T/C lineup over the years may have muddied the water a bit, so I'll do my best to explain the history of the Contender.
If he is involved it will be a third tour for him, he has a record that is pretty much second to none in the northern hemisphere and so he has to be the leading contender.
Remedios is a veteran of UFC, Cage Rage and OMMAC, while Philpott has fought for Cage Contender since he was an amateur.
TONIGHT'S welterweight edition of Barry Hearn's Prizefighter series promises to be a lively affair, but unfortunately for punters two of the more interesting outright contenders are drawn to meet each other in the quarter-finals, writes Phil Agius.
Contender is a break-open pistol with an easy changing barrel system, which allows barrels of several chamberings to be used on the same frame.
The American reality TV star has bitter experience of real hurt when his great friend and fellow Contender contestant Najai Turpin committed suicide.
Leonard, a world champion at five weights, will bring over a squad of Contender boxers - including season two champion Grady Brewer, Cornelius 'K9' Bundrage, and Alfonso Gomez.
And here's a far, far in advance preview: In 2007, expect a leading Spirit contender to be Quinceanera from out couple and collaborators Richard Glatzer and Wash West.
Viewers can vote for her or other contenders next Saturday during BBC1's Making Your Mind Up.