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A nolo contendere plea provides an admission just for purposes of the case, or "a consent by the defendant that he may be punished as if he were guilty and [as] a prayer for leniency.
Instead, the Agency has held that a deferred adjudication of guilt, (125) a nolo contendere plea, (126) or a guilty plea (127) can constitute convictions under Factor Three.
2(a), which "protects each client's right to have the final say in deciding whether to accept or reject an offer of settlement and in deciding whether to enter a guilty or nolo contendere plea in a criminal case.
precludes the admission of a nolo contendere plea, the underlying facts
In spite of this support, less than two weeks after declaring that he would not step down, on 10 October 1973, Agnew pleaded no lo contendere to a single charge of tax evasion and submitted his formal letter of resignation.
NBA -- Suspended Dallas F Devin Ebanks two games for pleading nolo contendere to driving under the influence of alcohol, in violation of the law of the State of California.
The end result was Agnew's resignation and plea of nolo contendere, and Gerald R.
66) Complicating matters is the fact that many prosecutors and judges (and even some capital statutes) do not permit defendants to enter Alford or nolo contendere pleas in capital murder cases, but do allow such pleas in noncapital murder cases.
Il centro del contendere sull'eredita di Platone come "scrittore di lettere" e nell'interpretazione--e nell'uso intenzionalmente reazionario--della teoria del pempton, ovvero del "quinto grado" della conoscenza, che viene accennato in un excursus della Settima lettera (342a-343a; cf.
In Florida, the court is mandated to order BIP only in cases in which the batterer is found guilty of, has had adjudication withheld on, or has pied nolo contendere to a crime of domestic violence.
56) The defendant in Halbert was convicted on a plea of nolo contendere (57) and sought appointment of counsel to apply for leave to appeal.
2003), "Harmonizing Substantive Criminal Law Values and Criminal Procedure: The Case of Alford and Nolo Contendere Pleas," Cornell Law Review 88: 1361-1407.