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In her 1984 book, Scarr contends "that a baby has no particular need for its biological mother" and that "mothers are simply culturally conditioned to believe that their nurturing is vital for their child.
As a result, Congress' General Accounting Office contends that Medicare is significantly overpaying for some medications.
This adviser contends that Osburn has chosen to focus too much on Clark and not enough on the Army's institutional reluctance to take on antigay harassment and violence.
Peering is the Achilles' heel of the whole system," contends Lloyd Taylor, VP of Operations at Internet traffic monitoring company Keynote Systems.
20) This perception led him to contend that "we find ourselves perhaps already in the beginning of a social revolution of the entire human society.
He contends that it is bad enough that black youth listen to rap, but what's worse, rap is not just "black music," but has white fans too.
The more carefully planned and executed an abatement project is, the more cost-effective and less exasperating that project will be for the owner, the consultant contends.
Franklin contends that both blacks and whites arc responsible for creating a color-blind society.
The IRS contends, however, that the Du Pont-Conoco transaction was a tax-free reorganization, so the Seagram loss was deferred on the exchange and, in effect, resides in the basis of the Du Pont stock.